GOP senator calls bump stocks a “fake problem”

Last Friday the Supreme Court struck down Trump’s bump stock ban. Today Democrats wasted no time introducing ban legislation. Sen. J. D. Vance (R-OH) responded by claiming the bill is aimed at a “PR problem, not something that’s going to meaningfully reduce gun violence in this country” (read story here).

No, jackass, it’s aimed at keeping bump stocks off the streets. There’s no good reason for anyone to have these things. You don’t use them for hunting. They’re only useful for shooting a lot of people very quickly, and mass shooters love them.

But it’s pretty clear Vance will vote to block that legislation. After asserting it won’t reduce gun violence (maybe so, maybe no, but it can’t hurt), he said he’s “worried the legislation could end up trampling on the rights of ‘law-abiding’ citizens.” That’s his real priority, not protecting society from mass shooters.

After the GOP fought tooth-and-nail to arm civilians with military assault rifles — the predominant weapon used in U.S. mass shootings — now they want to let people turn those weapons into machineguns. I’m guessing most other Republicans in Congress will join in opposing a bump stock ban.

Vote for them at your own peril, because this doesn’t just affect Vance’s state; if bump stocks are legalized, they’ll be in your neighborhood, too.

Related story: Vance also wants to deport 20 million of the 11 million illegals in the U.S. (see story here and data here).

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