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Repurpose Your Old Phone

What happens to old smart phones?   Can you trade them in?  Sell them? Rick Broida at c|net has some better ideas:

1. Keep it as a backup phone

The straits would be less dire, though, if I could just grab my old standby. I’d still have access to my calendar, contacts, email and the like (because they’re all synced), along with daily-use apps like Facebook, Spotify, Twitter, my password manager and so on. There’s really no better short-term rescue option.

In fact, if you still have your new phone (assuming it’s merely busted and not lost or stolen), you can probably just pop the SIM card out and back into the old phone, restoring voice and data until repairs are made.

Of course, you don’t have to stick the old phone in a drawer and leave it there in case of disaster; you can also keep it as a low- or even no-cost second line. For example, if it’s an unlocked GSM model, grab a SIM card from Freedompop (about $13, or AU$17, £10) and sign up for the Basic plan. It affords you 200 voice minutes, 500 text messages and 200MB of 4G data per month — at no charge.

For more on this idea, check out my post on how to set up a backup phone.

2. Use it as a dedicated camcorder

Whatever you’re recording — a wedding, a kid’s soccer game, a music video or your sure-to-win-the-film-fest indie movie — nothing beats multiple cameras. When it comes time to edit, you can mix footage from different angles and positions to create much more interesting video.

Needless to say, your old Android can make a great second camera. Even older, lower-end phones can usually capture at least 1,920×1,080-pixel video at 30 frames per second. Clear out as much storage as possible to make room for new footage and you’re good to go.

3. Use it as a baby monitor

All you need is an app like Dormi, which is designed expressly for this purpose. In addition to both audio and video monitoring, the app offers two-way audio so you can talk to (and hopefully soothe) a crying baby from afar.

Speaking of afar, you can tap into the audio/video feeds from just about anywhere, provided the Android phone is connected via Wi-Fi. Dormi also supports multiple “parent” devices to the phone that’s doing the monitoring. The app is free but limits you to four hours per month of monitoring. To unlock lifetime monitoring, there’s a one-time fee of $9 (AU$11.89, £7).

4. Use it as a video doorbell

No baby? Consider putting your Android on door duty instead. No, the phone itself doesn’t go outside; you’ll need to install either an outdoor Wi-Fi webcam or a smart doorbell. Then your phone can serve as a full-time video monitor, one that lives on, say, a coffee table or nightstand.

For example, the Canary Flex is a versatile, security-minded webcam that can go just about anywhere — including outside. Alternately, check out video doorbells like the August Doorbell Cam, DoorBird Video Door Station, Ring Video Doorbell and SkyBell Video Doorbell.

5. Give it the GoPro treatment

Whatever mount option you end up with, hit up Ebay for a cheap Bluetooth camera-shutter button. (They’re available for as little as a few dollars.) That way you can start and stop video recording without having to fiddle with the phone while it’s mounted.

6. Create a dedicated VR headset Get ready for a surprise. That old Android phone of yours? Virtual reality powerhouse! It’s true: A smartphone can serve up some terrific VR experiences. All you need is a headset and some apps.

Even more surprising: a headset won’t cost you much. Amazon, for example, offers dozens of universally compatible VR goggles priced in the $20-to-$35 range (AU$26-AU$46, £15-£27). Look for a model that lets you adjust focal width and length, the better to accommodate users with less-than-perfect vision. I also recommend choosing one that comes with a Bluetooth gamepad, the better to control games and access menus.

As for the apps, hit the Google Play Store and search for “VR” or “Google Cardboard.” Both will reveal a wealth of games and other experiences that are compatible with nearly any Android and VR headset.

7. Leave it on your nightstand

An old phone might just be the best thing to hit your nightstand since the lamp. Because in that one spot, it can serve countless purposes:

Alarm clock: Not ready to roll out of bed yet, but don’t want to fumble for your phone to turn off the alarm? Check out Voice Snooze Alarm, which is exactly what it sounds like: An alarm clock you can snooze with a customizable vocal command. (Come on, you know you’ve always wanted to tell your alarm to “Shut the **** up!” Now you can.)

Clock radio: TuneIn Radio is a good choice, as it has both alarm and sleep-timer features.

Dedicated e-reader: iBooks, Kindle, Nook, OverDrive — you don’t have to limit yourself to just a single app.

Meditation player: I’m partial to Calm, but there are a zillion others.

Spare Roku remote: Check out the latest update.

White-noise machine: I don’t have a particular favorite; hit up the app store for lots of choices.


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When did “WE” get here?

Just-Discovered 14,000-Year-Old Settlement May Require Revising History Of North America The Heiltsuk Nation has always claimed its people settled in Canada before the last ice age. A new archaeological dig proved them right. ALL-THAT-IS-INTERESTING.COM[...]

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Syrian Artist Paints His Version of Guernica


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When Power Shifts


September 18th, 2017 - 1:48 pm § in Foreign Affairs

Stanislov Petrov, 1939-2017

The key figure in one of the Cold War’s most frightening incidents, he saved the world from an accidental nuclear war. (Read story here.)    [...]

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What Rewards Do You Get For True Success?

Free use of United’s Elite Couch Club in select airports. Free  newspaper of your choice, delivered to your seat .. Wall Street Journal or Financial Times. Placement at top of free upgrades list on all flights except those to Qatar and Dubai. First class meals in case you can only be seated i[...]

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THE Ave Challenge: Can you draw a triangle with three right angles?

A. Yes. B. Stupid Question. [...]

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Are Americas STATE Schools Deependent on Foreign Student Tuition?

UC Davis admits 60 percent of international students but 36 percent of in-state applicants UC Davis admitted the highest number of international students for fall 2017 in the UC system, with an acceptance rate of 60.4 percent for foreign students. SACBEE.COM[...]

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How to Slice a Bagel into Two Linked Halves

A Math Exercise with Practical Consequences, George W. Hart ,,, Sculptor and Topology Prof at Stony Brook   It is not hard to cut a bagel into two equal halves which are linked like two links of a chain. To start, you must visualize four key points.  Center the bagel at the origin, circling t[...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Using the Bible to make money

Sean Hyman is a regular  on Fox Business, CNBC, and Bloomberg Television.  He is also a former pastor with a secret to investing. Sean not only claims he uses this magical insight but that  Warren Buffett and John Templeton, use the code as well.  You can watch the  “Biblical Money Code.” [...]

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Hong Kong offers the future of housing in Seattle


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Sunday Revelations: Why don’t “people of color” convert from Buddhism, Hinduism, or state atheism to become AA Baptists?

Interesting thought.. Look at Bobby Jindall Recently he remarked that people of color have no problems excelling in the US if they behave like the majority…. in other words pass for white. Jindall is a convert to Roman Catholicism, Same is true for his female colleague Nicki Haley, the gun tot[...]

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The Nature of Our War Within Islam

“We are self-intimidating. I don’t think that we are being forced by outside powers. Our president is not being forced by outside powers to take the position that he’s taking. He has taken it after a lot of thought. He thinks it’s strategic. I just think it’s a strategy that has failed[...]

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Doing Free College Correctly

MAKING COLLEGE FREE Posted by Mark Huelsman Last April, New York became the first state in the country to return to a guarantee of tuition-free college for students at state public colleges and universities. The move is being touted as a historic moment and a step toward making college affordable ag[...]

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KUSHNER/TRUMP still marketed in China

The GOP Congress last week extended the EB-5 program until September 30. While Jared Kushner’s family company apologized for using its ties to Trump to sell green cards,   Beijing-based Qiaowai, continues to advertise its U.S. political connections. The Kushner Companies voluntarily skipped  [...]

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Weimar Republic: Compare Trump’s Economy

“Harold James …..  itemised Weimar’s economic problems under seven heads: ‘world economic conditions, unfavourable demographic developments, low savings and investment rates, misinvestment, falling profitability, instability of public finance and excessive protection of industry’.[...]

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The Donald: You choose the message!

[SPECIAL] – Donald Trump Signed Portraits – $59.99 Each portrait comes in a beautiful, modern, black frame with protective glass, and has an easel back plus mounting hooks for elegant display on your tabletop or wall. Shop Now SIGNEDTRUMP.COM[...]

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Why We Need a War on Educashun

Question: The war on drugs brought us more drugs cheaper, the war on terror bred terrorists. When are we having a war on education? Answer: Actually we do have war on education. As with drugs, the kids lose.[...]

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Getting to Know Donald

  I am proud to have that German blood. No question about it. Great Stuff! “All men are created equal? Well, it’s not true.” Trump apparently believes in the racehorse theory of putting together “superior” genes, where you can create “superior” people.      [...]

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A Scientific Way to Define Race


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“Polish Jews fight politically-motivated denial of Jewish suffering, and stigma of Jewish roots. Trump failed them,”

Trump just made it harder to ‘come out’ as Jewish in Poland HAARETZ.COM[...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Where The People of The Northwest Came From

Ancient skeletons show direct link to modern tribes in the Pacific Northwest By Ann Gibbons Science Scientists sequencing the DNA of 10,300-year-old human sea farers from On Your Knees Cave in Alaska have found that they were closely related to three ancient skeletons found along the coast of Briti[...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Accepting the madness of religion


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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Islam and Judaism .. a common root!

“Say: “We believe in Allah, and in what has been revealed to us and what was revealed to Abraham, Isma`il, Isaac, Jacob, and the Tribes, and in (the Books) given to Moses, Jesus, and the Prophets, from their Lord; we make no distinction between one and another among them, and to Allah do[...]

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Why White Parents Won’t Choose Black Schools By Abby Norman  HUFF POST FERRAN TRAITE SOLER VIA GETTY IMAGES 18k Last year when I attempted to pick my daughter up from school, the volunteers in the carpool line tried to put a fourth grader in my car, not the four year old I was attempting to [&hel[...]

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The AVE Challenge: Where is this?

  A. Cliff above Elliot Bay   B. Mars    C. Arizona desert     D. Drought area in Sahara   E. Detroit[...]

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Letterman’s advice on Trump


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THE Ave Challenge: Who is this?

A. Eran Douglas in “American Pan” B. Maine driver’s licence photo  C. Presidential candidate from Oregon D.  Gwyndl Cook, first transpecies member of the Democratic National Committee E. Young picture of The Ave Editor   aaa[...]

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THE-Ave Challenge: What is wrong with this picture

A. This 65 yo lady is pregnant! B. She is bearing four babies! C. She has lost 120 pounds! D. She already has 13 children! E. She is a “right to lifer!”[...]