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Welcome to Steve’s blog

Dr. Steve Schwartz, a University of Washington medical researcher, created this blog to discuss campus issues, and it soon expanded to a wide range of subjects. Although he’s no longer with us, a contributor still posts articles that readers may find informative, interesting, or simply entertaining and funny (read statement of purpose here). Use the search term “” to find this page on the internet.

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Supreme Court dodges a bullet, upholds domestic violence gun ban

They engaged in legal gymnastics, but 8 of the 9 justices aren’t foolish enough

to put guns in the hands of domestic abusers.

Read story here.

What would that have done to public perceptions of the court?

A majority are partisan, but Clarence Thomas

excepted, they’re not stupid.

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In memory of Dr. Steve Schwartz, who created this blog

Professor Stephen M. Schwartz, M.D., Ph.D., the founder and proprietor of The-Ave.US, passed away from COVID-19 on March 17, 2020. Read local press coverage here and here. Steve joined the University of Washington Medical School’s faculty in 1967 and had taught there since 1974. He was world-f[...]

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Selected Movie & Article Links

Below are links to a sampling of our most interesting, infuriating, or just plain funny movies, articles, and essays. Selections for this list are entirely arbitrary. The-Ave.US has over 23,000 posts, so this isn’t an index. ABOUT THIS BLOG Welcome to The-Ave.US, an introduction to this blog ([...]

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NY Democrat risks seat by pushing for two-state solution

Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY; photo, left), who represents a district with many Jewish voters, faces a serious primary challenge because of his opposition to Israel’s policies toward the Palestinian people. Bowman, like many American politicians, supports an eventual Palestinian state. But during [...]

June 21st, 2024 - 4:46 pm § in Politics

Elections don’t have to be perfect

There’s no such thing as a perfect election. Conducting a large election is a vast and complicated enterprise. Glitches occur: Polling place snafus, voting machines that didn’t work, miscounted ballots, lost ballots, and so on. But inadvertent problems and mistakes don’t target any[...]

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Fox is already inciting election violence

Fox’s talking heads are already inciting election violence. They must want another Jan. 6, 2021. “Twice last week,” MSNBC reported here, Greg Gutfeld (photo, left) told Fox audiences “the public will only believe the 2024 results are legitimate if President Joe Biden loses.” Also las[...]

June 21st, 2024 - 2:22 pm § in Politics, Republicans

GOPer blames election loss on random fire alarms

Milk this cow for all she’s worth, ma! That’s not what you think. Cows from this herd give excuses, not milk. Rep. Bob Good (R-VA), a Freedom Caucus firebrand, is trailing in a primary. Looking for excuses to challenge a close election, he called out three suspicious “fires” [...]

June 21st, 2024 - 1:46 pm § in Law and Courts

Swiss court convicts Britain’s richest family of enslaving servants

Four members of Britain’s richest family are headed for Swiss prisons for enslaving their servants. Instead of paying decent wages to servants at their Swiss villa, they imported illiterate workers, held them in prisoner-like conditions, worked them long hours, and paid them less than they spe[...]

June 20th, 2024 - 4:53 pm § in Politics, Republicans

This Senate candidate is lawless

When you elect someone to public office, you’re choosing more than his party’s policies. You’re also getting his character, experience, and the personal traits he’ll bring to the job of representing constituents. Bernie Moreno, 57, is the GOP nominee in Ohio’s 2024 Sena[...]

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PHOTOGRAPHY: What climate change?

This is just weather and practicing for sea level rise. Return to The-Ave.US Home Page[...]

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Why your car insurance premiums are going up so much

Besides more expensive new and used cars, parts, and labor, people are driving crazier and getting in more accidents. The Seattle area is “seeing an alarming increase in traffic deaths and serious crashes,” KING 5 TV reported on June 19, 2024. “Prosecutors said it’s the most [...]