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Smartass comment by SMS

Of course there is no such thing as nothing.
If nothing existed, then it would  be something and could not be nothing.

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Hannity used HUD loans to profiteer on foreclosed homes

Fox host Sean Hannity, revealed last week as Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s secret client, owns a vast property empire of foreclosed homes bought with HUD loans, the Guardian reported Sunday. After that revelation, Hannity asserted Cohen only gave him advice about real estate matters. Apparently[...]

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What is “shared governance?”

Professor: A disturbing story about the influence of the Koch network in higher education This WAPO story is a warning message to all state universities. including our own.   The Administration at Arizona Stare University, our sister campus in the PAC 12, has created a “Freedom Center” [...]

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Amazon uber alles?

Amazon spent nearly $23 billion on R&D last year — more than any other U.S. company[...]

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Dennis Kucinich really pissed me off when he came to Seattle to test the waters as a congressional candidate.     He seemed to me to be worse than just a carpet bagger,  Kucinich was a hypocrite.  Since then, I have been very wary of ohso liberal candidates who are as pious as one can imagine [...]

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Trump’s Newest Attorney


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Will Britain Privatize Oxford and Cambridge?

The US excels in two things … our mega military and our universities.  Americas’s universities consistently fill all of the top slots in world ranking of “top fifty schools” … with the exception of Oxford, Cambridge along with the Imperial College London, UCL, and King[...]

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MAGA: US loosing race to 5G

While Trump is fighting 19th century trade wars and pushing repairs to our rotting 1950s infrastructure, the rest of the world is pushing forward, led by China. Why it matters: The first country to deploy and commercialize the ultra-fast 5G mobile networks will have an enormous economic advantage[...]

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SMS: Why China is a better place to be a citizen than the US

Choosing China The Chinese government is actually a party/government. It runs very much like any other corporation with a promotion ladder, management posts, etc. The part/government also owns many of China’s large corporations just as a large US corporation owns its subsidiaries.  Like any w[...]

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Why I have started an adjudication against President Cauce, Vice Provost Cameron, Dean Ramsey, and my chair

THE FAILURE OF THE UW ADMISTRATION The University of  Washington  faculty, like the faculty at other major American research universities is governed by a Faculty Code, a set of laws written by the Faculty Senate, voted on by the faculty, and enacted by the Regents.  Sadly, this is a story about [...]

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Put Ben on the $2??????????????????

This fool says that Andrew Johnson was a great President after he destroyed the five civilized tribes in the March of Tears. He supported lynchings and mutilations or at least ignored it. Good thing Carson Bombed. On the other hand, maybe ….  Since Dr. Carson feel no one uses the $20. Ben Car[...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: The Good Father says a good father, an atheist, is in heaven

Heartsick Boy Asks If Atheist Dad Is In Heaven. Pope Francis Reveals The Answer With A Hug. A sobbing child told the pontiff his dead father was a good man, but he wondered if a nonbeliever could be in heaven.   By Carol Kuruvilla Huff Post A tearful little boy grappling with big existential quest[...]

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The Kimono Fights to Survive in Japan

‘The Social Life of Kimono’: Innovation faces tradition in the fight to keep kimono relevant BY LUCY ALEXANDER In 1985, a 24-year-old art student from England visited Japan for a summer holiday, fell in love and never went home. The Social Life of Kimono, by Sheila Cliffe.256 pages BLOOM[...]