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    ST PAUL ICONEvery Sunday, THE Ave begins with a story about religion. Sometimes these are quotes from one of the bibles, other times they stories about how religious and anti religious people behave. Hopefully there is enough balance to please, offend, or stimulate folks who care about what is done in the name or names of deities. READMORE HERE.

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    street-scene-prestonOK ..this is where we live  … on the gentriest city in the US.  Davis Preston writes abut the cracks in the gleaming polish of Seattle liberalism.  

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    UW WeritasClicking this logo will bring you to a magazine coverage of the UW unlike anything on the UW campus.   This lede will take you to other  stories about the UW … the athletic department’s budget, the lack of free speech on campus, fights with Cougar U over their desire to make a rival medical school, racism in the Athletic Department, achievements of UW faculty that do not get heralded, relations with the city and state, and more.

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    trump-and-trumpiesClick to read about the 2016 election.

  • BUCHENWALD: The Pain Continues

    Buchenwald 31 graphic iconThis tragic LEDE relates efforts by my brother and sister to destroy my father’s heritage as the commanding officer of the first American medical company to enter Buchenwald.  Robert Schwartz’s pictures rot in a safe in Boston. My wife and I  fight in the courts to get these preserved and released into the public domain before all the survivors die and can no longer see the pictures from April 1945.

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Live fact-checking the first Trump, Clinton presidential debate

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How to Destroy A Political Party

How liberal activists may have have destroyed Britain’s Labor Party Jeremy Corbyn is being reelected Party Leader of Britain’s  Labour despite nearly unanimous opposition of the elected Members of Parliament from his won party.  The story is eerily similar to the current state of t[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Trump bringing new mistress to debates!

TA has learned that Donald Trump is bringing a date to the debate! UPDATE: WASHINGTON ― Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway on Sunday poured cold water on the idea of Trump inviting Gennifer Flowers, a woman.   Gennifer Flowers, formerly a mistress to Bill Clinton, has been meeting with  M[...]

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Where Did Bernie’s Revolutionaries Go?

During his campaign Bernie said over and over that this was not just abut him, it was a revolution. So where are his revolutionaries? 5 Senate seats are flippable.  These are all states where Bernie did well.  Where are his troops? I would argue there are more states they could have an impact .[...]

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BLACK and White

His singing was the aspect of the speech that will be easiest to remember. That is in part because it was so unusual and in part because it was so brave: Obama sang well, but not perfectly. For someone so precise and aspiring-to-perfection in most other realms of achievement, and so obviously hyper-[...]

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Trump’s Humble beginnings.[...]

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Trotsky’s prophesies of Hitler, seem all too relevant to Trump

“Field-Marshal Hindenburg, the relic and symbol of the Hohenzollern Empire, now the Republic’s President, dissolved Parliament and appointed Heinrich Brüning Reichskanzler. Brüning ruled by decree, enforced a rigidly ‘deflationary’ policy, cut expenditure on social insurance, dismissed[...]

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JP: Law and order, Duterte style

DuterteLet me state up front that, like it or not, Rodrigo Roa Duterte is the President of the Philippines and Filipinos have a stake in his success. His success should be for the whole country and critics should premise their views upon this fact. That said, let me point out a few things. By many accoun[...]

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Pramila Jayapal Too Busy Raising Money In New York to Show Up for a Debate Here!

In a way, this makes sense. Pramila Jayapal’s run isn’t really about the district. It’s about herself. She doesn’t live in the district, and she only jumped into the race once Brady pushed Jim McDermott out…                                       [&hel[...]

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Kshama Sawant Plays the Trump Card: Attacks the UW for studying the $15 minimum wage

“It is professionally irresponsible to draw such a conclusion from the data at this time.”  Kshama Sawant The Seattle Times Reports: Professor Jacob Vigdor and other members of a UW team  published a preliminary study of the effects of the $15 minimum wage in Seattle. Whatever good that has d[...]

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An endorsement for Superintendent of Public Instruction

Ave  endorses  Susan Goding Please, please, when the ballots come next month, vote for Erin Jones for Superintendent of Public Instruction. First there was the rumor that Erin is anti-gay, even though she took in two gay youth from her church. Anyone who takes in a child who is rejected by their parents is a s[...]

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Tehran – Iran’s supreme leader has told former hardline president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad not to stand again in next year’s elections, state media reported on Monday, effectively eliminating a major challenger to pragmatist incumbent Hassan Rouhani.[...]

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While the US Is Down to ONE Icebreaker ……..

Chinese Arctic expedition team returns home China’s seventh Arctic expedition using the Chinese icebreaker Xuelong returned to its research base in Shanghai on Monday after a 78-day mission.[...]

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THE Ave Challenge: How much does the average federal tax payer pay for the US defence budget

$523 $1213 $2101 $4321 $8,841[...]

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News from the right

Ex-CIA agent says Obama had Andrew Breitbart and Tom Clancy assassinated[...]

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Anniversary of First TV Debate