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Trump Humiliated at the UN

UN audience literally bursts out laughing at Trump’s speech They didn’t take the president’s bragging very seriously. By Zack  Sep 25, 2018, 11:40am EDT One of President Trump’s favorite attacks on his political opponents is to say that the world is “[...]

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“Reality has a well-known liberal bias”

Knut Robert Knutsen FACEBOOK I trust the universities and their internal oversight to root out professors or teaching staff that misinform students, falsify data or otherwise violate the ethics of the teaching profession. However , I don’t trust these “watch lists” as I suspect th[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Rosenstein and Trump Will Meet on Thursday

Hmmmm … which one will be wired?[...]

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MAGA vs Imperial China

Vasily Fedosenko/Reuters  writes about the rise of China as a traditional imperial power.  Meanwhile Trump tweets away any promise of a two power 21st century While the ongoing trade war between China and the United States makes headlines, periodically roiling the markets, another Sino-America[...]

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Imagine Michael Bloomberg vs Trump!

When Barack Obama became President, I thought .. maybe my Granddaughter could become President of the US? After he became President, I saw how racism and bigotry could make a great man’s life hard! When Donald Trump became President, I began to doubt we would ever elect a rational leader.[...]

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An Eye Witness Account of Why Brett Kavanaugh is Unfit to Be on SCOTUS

David Brock writes about Brett Kavanaugh as an Underground Agent of a Right Wing Cabal   Whether Brett Kavanaugh did or did not attempt rape as a high school kid, may be less relevant than the kind of life he has lived since that time.  Do we really want anyone this biased on SCOTUS?  David [[...]

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Will Jack Ma run for President of China?

Jack Ma co-founded Alibaba, China’s internet behmoth .. worth  $500 billion.  He rose to that role from poverty, the fulfillment of the Chiness Dream.  Now Ma’s own wealth is estimated at $40 billion but  his power rivals all but President Xi.   In a letter to shareholders and emp[...]

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Why Did Vanderbilt Fire Dr. Eugene Gu?

This Vanderbilt surgical resident sued Trump and won. Now he’s out of a job. Based on reports in The Tennessean and MedPage Today.  Eugene Gu was dropped after three years from his surgical residency at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.  Vanderbilt ended Gu’s residency, the five-ye[...]

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Trump Policies Bring a Flood of New Illegals!

The number of Central American families arrested for entering the United States illegally surged again in August, according to a Trump administration official and Border Patrol agents in South Texas, an increase that comes as the president threatens a government shutdown to extract funding from Cong[...]

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CHINA TRIUMPHANT! Is Trump Poor By Chinese Standards?

Trumpism is using tax cuts to enrich the richest Americans while  China has outlined strategies for 2018, 2025 and 2050 to displace the United States. Over the past 5 years, China and Hong Kong saw the largest gains in their ultra wealthy population, according to the report. 86% of the 30 fastest [...]

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Storm in Space


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UW Faculty Panel Declares Administration Made Illegal Changes to the Faculty Code

A jury of faculty hearing my case has now decided that the UW violated the faculty code. A year ago January, I was falsely accused of using words like f—–g n—-r and f-g. An investigation by the UW found no basis for these horrid charges but my Chair used this to do major and likely[...]

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Why Is The UW Attacking Me?

Dear Colleagues, This is an update for UW faculty and others who have been  following my story.  As a bit of background for those who may not know me: I am a tenured professor at the University of Washington and a very successful biologist.  Among other things, five of the UW’s current facu[...]

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Why I have started an adjudication against President Cauce, Vice Provost Cameron, Dean Ramsey, and my chair

THE FAILURE OF THE UW ADMISTRATION The University of  Washington  faculty, like the faculty at other major American research universities is governed by a Faculty Code, a set of laws written by the Faculty Senate, voted on by the faculty, and enacted by the Regents.  Sadly, this is a story about [...]

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