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Trump on Leadership


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Breast Feeding


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A Boon to Trump’s Churches

The Johnson Amendment is a 1954 federal law (named for sponsor and then-Senator LBJ) prohibiting churches and charities from endorsing political candidates, at the risk of losing their tax exempt status. Donald Trump has vowed to “destroy” the law, which would be a boon to some of the ch[...]

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Sculptor Sacha Sosno Proposes Design For Trump Memorial On The Mall

France’s new President, French far-right leader Marine Le Pen announces a “New Liberty” statue as a gift to honor America’s President Trump The massive sculpture would house Mr. Trump’s writings and artifacts honoring his rise to power.  Born in Marseilles in 1937, Sac[...]

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Do Westworld’s Robots Poop?

Why Is HBO Refusing To Deny That Westworld’s Robots Poop?  Ashley Feinberg HBO’s Westworld, the haunting tale of what can happen when cowboy sex robots go awry, spent its first season unwrapping many of the mysteries that so captivated its audience—save, that is, the question that has tor[...]

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UW Student Writes About High Quality Education in Seattle .. Public Schools and the UW

I wanted a high-quality education, and I found it at a South Seattle public school Rhea Panela I spent a decade of my life in private schools for various reasons, including my family’s religion and my parents’ belief that the public school system was unsafe and of poor quality. But it wasn’t [...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Listen to the music!


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The AVE Challenge: Who wrote this description of Americans?

“They eat one another, the victor [eats] the vanquished,” he wrote. “I know a man… who was reputed to have eaten more than 300 human bodies…” The women are intensely desirable: “none… among them who had a flabby breast,” but they are also monster[...]

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Higher Education In India: Looks Like the Issues in the US!

IndiaMohammad UmarJun, FIRST POST  “…There is a quiet crisis in higher education in India which runs deep,” Macaulay asserted – “a single shelf of a good European library was worth the whole native literature of India and Arabia” Representational image. News18 abstracted …R[...]

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Simchat Torah


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Using a Smart Phone


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Why I DO NOT Donate to the Red Cross

Red Cross Built Exactly 6 Homes For Haiti With Nearly Half A Billion Dollars In Donations There is more.  The Red Cross for a long time insisted that Israel use the cross symbol while allowing  Muslim countries to use the red crescent.  Why? Here in the US, there was an effort to turn the Red C[...]

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Laws Are Meant to Be Broken


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What the first car looked like

Carl Benz’s gasoline-powered car, circa. 1885. (Photo from the Daimler Co. website)            [...]

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Fall: time for a car trip


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THE -Ave Challenge

Donald Trump’s third son. Republican chair, Ohio George Zimmerman Ralph Nader, Jr.  Cher’s son.[...]