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Has the University of Washington Abandoned Tenure?


Does the UW still have tenure?  

When I became tenured, the code and state law described tenure in terms of a life long commitment to a position and a salary.  The commitment was defined in terms of an academic year of 9 or 12 months. For either period, the UW and the state were committed to paying a full salary from state funds.  That commitment was also the legal basis for the UW definition of tenure track.  If you google Washington state law, that is exactly the commitment that still applies to tenured faculty at the community colleges.  In contrast, as I understand it, our state colleges include tenure as part of their faculty union contracts.  The UW faculty have no contracts.

 My understanding from multiple sources is that this commitment has now been changed without faculty discussion or, for that matter, changes in state law.  I am told that the UW sees its life long commitment only to a title and not to salary.   In several cases, Professors with tenure have been told the UW will pay only a percentage, as low as 30%, of the state salary.  By the way, this is exclusive of additions to state salary that can come to the UW from funding agencies or contracts.
Since the UW has no union contract, it appears the administration feels it has the unilateral right to define tenure.  When asked about this, a very high level administrator said, that the offer letters comprise individual contracts. Perhaps so but when I asked if there was any standard offer letter I was told no.   The only exception, I think, may be for endowed chairs.
I raise this issue as part of the merit discussion because tenure is valuable for practical reasons perhaps less lofty than the ideals of academic freedom.   For many of us, tenure offsets low pay.  A commitment to be paid for a career’s work is not something that can be offered in a private corporation or, usually by a nonacademic research institution.
 If the UW no longer offers true tenure, why would anyone want to work here?

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Cohen: Jay Sekulow urged him to lie to Congress

Read story here. This claim should be investigated, because if it’s true, Sekulow committed the crime of suborning perjury, in which case he should be disbarred and prosecuted. Photo: Jay Sekulow[...]

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(AP)  Ford revealed details of its long-awaited restructuring plan Monday as it prepared for a future of electric and autonomous vehicles by parting ways with 7,000 white-collar workers worldwide, about 10 percent of its global salaried workforce. Sadly Don John seems to not at all understand econo[...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Was Hitler Born Guiltless?

Today is Der Feuher’s Birthday?[...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Nigerians in the Bible

Irene Aleichenu Ella FACEBOOK OTUKPO AND IDOMA NAME ODOMA: (Daughter of Odom, Sodom. Barren woman). ITS MEANING AND ORIGIN. Our name Odoma has its origin in the bible. Even though our ancestors never read the bible, our names and its meanings confirm that biblical stories were true and concerned us [...]

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100th Birthday of Pete Seeger


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What if the Supreme Court revisits Roe v. Wade?

For over half a century now, overturning Roe v. Wade has been the Holy Grail of the religious right. In the interim, religion-driven rightwing fanatics have bombed and torched abortion clinics, murdered abortion doctors, and harassed abortion clinic workers and patients in God’s name. I have n[...]

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Did Donald Just Back Down?

WASHINGTON, May 17 (Xinhua) — U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday delayed slapping additional tariffs on imported autos and auto parts for 180 days, saying in a proclamation carried by the White House’s website that he has ordered further negotiations to “address the national sec[...]

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Who would want the job of US President?

The damage Trump has done to the US is historic. The key issue as we entered this century was whether the US would be able to compete with China. Trump has not only given that away he has built a monster with Putin.  The US is going to be hobbled for a long time.   […][...]

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China is Ready to fight Trump’s Trade War

LET’S LAY OUT THE WEAPONS FOR THIS WAR Trump is demanding that AMERICANS pay a 25% tax if China does not give in to his demands.  Trump’s threats, dating back to his election, go as high as 45% tariffs on all Chinese goods. That would essentially cut the US and China off from trade.  T[...]

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Fraud and Democracy in Seattle Congressional Race

I got this email today. You need to understand that Jayapal is a master politician. She has built a huge war chest.  She will have no serious opposition from the GOP because of her Republican vote in her district is about as bigs as support for the Islamic Democratic Union party or the Kuomintang. [...]

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The Mueller Scandal: Is Don John a Saint?

Will Don John’s Sainthood be Recognized After He is Dead? Quote from the Mueller Report: “A President doesn’t have immunity after he leaves office. And if individuals other than the President committed an obstruction offense, they may be prosecuted at this time. Given those conside[...]

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South Carolina GOP legislator says colleague committed a “misdeed” by being raped

“A GOP state lawmaker who recently gave an impassioned speech about being raped as a 16 year old says she feels attacked after a Republican colleague passed out literature describing rape as a ‘misdeed of the parent’ that doesn’t justify having an abortion,” according to th[...]

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Does Israel Have an Atomic Bomb?

The furor and the fear of a bomb under the rule of Kim Jung Un ought to raise a question .. Does Israel actually have a bomb?  There is something very strange about Israel’s bomb.  If it exists, it is rather invisible. Nothing ever emerges in the media despite the presence of satellites and [...]

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Watching TV in Miami


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Why Does NO ONE want to be on the Seattle School Board?

Four of seven seats on the Seattle School Board will be up for grabs this November, and nearly all of the 14 people interested in filling them are newcomers. This is a horrible job. No pay for what is really a full-time job.  The board members do not just set policy, they are expected to act as [[...]