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Dereliction of duty: Indiana DNR police did nothing after racists tried to lynch a black man, then protesters were attacked by a hit-and-run driver

A black man went with a group of white friends to an Indiana lake on July 4 to watch a lunar eclipse and was attacked by five drunken white men who pinned him to a tree, tried to break his arms, shouted racist slogans and epithets, and yelled “get a noose!” They also assaulted witnesses videotaping the incident.

But state DNR officers responding to a 911 call made no arrests and refused to interview witnesses, and did not ask the victim if he needed medical attention, prompting the mayor of nearby Bloomington to complain to the governor. DNR later issued a statement that its officers are “investigating” the incident. The prosecutor’s office said it’s waiting on the investigation to determine what charges may be filed.

“I shudder to think that if those other folks [witnesses] hadn’t been there that we would be planning a memorial service,” the victim’s attorney said.

Then, the next day, a driver slammed a car into a crowd gathered at the Bloomington courthouse to protest the incident and drove off, leaving behind two injured people, including a woman trapped on the car’s hood.

Read story here, here, and here, watch the videos below, and read the victim’s statement here. The incident follows another racist incident at the same lake just a few days before. Read that story here.

Update: The FBI has confirmed it’s investigating the incident as a possible federal hate crime.

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Is “All Lives Matter” hate speech?

And what about painting political messages on public streets? The phrase may seem innocuous on its face, but as explained here, is burdened with racial prejudice because it’s being used as a slogan by those opposed to the goals of the Black Lives Matter movement, as this video vividly illustra[...]

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Links in comments

For reader safety, beginning July 4, 2020, links in comments will not be posted. Sources should be cited instead (e.g., “Seattle Times, 7/4/2020, p.1). Comments have been checked for links back to March 1, 2020; older comments may contain links, and clicking on them is at the reader’s ow[...]

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“Our history was stolen from us”

An ACLU lawyer explains the rationale for getting rid of Confederate monuments.[...]

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What’s wrong with “white lives matter”?

On its face, nothing; in context, everything. White lives, of course, matter. All lives matter. Police officers’ (“blue lives”) matter. If it went no farther than that, it wouldn’t be a problem. But it is a problem, because those phrases have become a counterpoint to “b[...]

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Commenting Policy

Comments on this blog don’t post until someone clicks on an “Approved” button. Until Steve’s death, he moderated comments; now, that task falls on me. When comments go into the moderation queue, I get an email notification, but I don’t always check that email account ev[...]

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A Tribute to Dr. Steve Schwartz

by Gary Kinslow I am lucky and proud to count this titan, this uber-renaissance man as a friend. He and Barb had recently moved up from a Tollycraft 34 foot trawler to a 43 foot cockpit motor yacht and they were looking forward to a future of cruising where ever the bow pointed. He prosyletized [&he[...]

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COVID-19 takes the life of Dr. Steve Schwartz, founder and proprietor of this blog

Professor Stephen M. Schwartz, M.D., Ph.D., the founder and proprietor of The-Ave.US, has passed away from COVID-19. Read local press coverage here and here. Steve joined the University of Washington Medical School’s faculty in 1967 and had taught there since 1974. He was world-famous in the f[...]

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On the Fourth of July 1852

“What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July?” Frederick Douglass  1852 What have I, or those I represent, to do with your national independence? Are the great principles of political freedom and of natural justice, embodied in that Declaration of Independence, extended to us? and am I, th[...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Is the cat dead?


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JULY 4: Happy Birthday Malia Obama


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The-AVE Challenge: Where did this picture appear?

A. Wall Street Journal, New York B. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston C. Al Jazeera D. Aaran Art Gallery, Tehran E. La Repubblica,Rome  [...]

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JULY 4 NEWS: Sally Heming’s Bedroom

I very much enjoyed and recommend the novel written about Sally Hemings. In that book  Barbara Chase-Riboud  describes a bedroom Jefferson built in Monticello for the slave paramour.  Archaeologists have now excavated an area of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello mansion that had been used as a[...]

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Get a load of this store’s mask policy

“Antique Sugar co-owner Sarah Bingham is tired of arguing with customers who don’t want to put on a mask before coming into the vintage clothing shop in Phoenix, Arizona.” So she put up a sign explaining her policy. (Read story here.)[...]