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How Howard Schultz Can Win


Howard Schultz is an impressive guy.  He is not going to be elected President.

What else can he do with his talents and money?

Howard should bring back the Union Party

The usual problem with American third parties has been that they can never govern.  The Constitution was intentionally written for a one party system.  Hamilton, Adams and Washington were firmly opposed to what thyey called “factions.”  As a result we have an unwritten constitution that mandates two parties. Under that Constitution, states fund PARTY elections and both state legislatures and the  Congress have rules that assume two parties.

Today  Trump loyalty means more than whatever else defines the GOP.

There is another choice.  Return to 1864 when the GOP was itself two parties.  Instead of running for President, If I were Howard Schultz, I would take my talent and money and use the name that was used by dissident Republicans during Reconstruction .. the UNION party. The Union party represented the moderate wing of the GOP>  Lincoln ran in 1864 on the Union ticket!

So, Howard, with support from other like minded “people of means,” I would suggest you  go to likely Republicans (mainly) and offer to TOTALLY fund their election IF they would declare membership in the Union party instead of the GOP.

All Schultz would need to do is elect 10 Unionists. I suspect he would get a number of independents to also choose to work with the Union caucus.  These Unionistas would have the controlling vote in the Senate and control the kind of extremism that Trump has promoted.

The results actually would matter.

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A big part of what has made UW a top medical school is its unusual focus on rural medicine. That focus is centered on a multistate program to train physicians. WWAMI has campuses in Wyoming, easter Washington, Alaska, Montana and Idaho ..WWAMI. WWAMI’s connection to rural medicine led the UW p[...]

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Alabama editor urges KKK to “ride again” and lynch Democrats

Goodloe Sutton, who began working for a small-town newspaper in Linden, Alabama, in 1964 and inherited it from his father in 1985, has a long history of publishing racist editorials. For example: “Some of the news programs are making a big to-do about black football players kneeling in the sta[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Trump may fire disloyal intelligence chief

In an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, Alt Right Newssite, Newsmax Media CEO Christopher Ruddy warned that Trump believes “generally, there’s a deep concern that on the eve of the North Korea summit, to have your Director of National Intelligence in open hearings undercutting y[...]

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THE Ave Challenge : Who is this man

A, CEO of Google B. el Qaeda leader from Pakistan C. Union leader organizing Uber in Seattle D. First Israeli Rabbi of Indian origin E. Trump adviser on Islam. [...]

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Jews helped helped build the al Aqsa mosque on the Temple site and prayed there together with Muslims

Ziad Lalmi FACEBOOK In 610, the Sassanid Empire drove the Byzantine Empire out of the Middle East, giving the Jews control of Jerusalem for the first time in centuries. The Jews in Palestine were allowed to set up a vassal state under the Sassanid Empire called the Sassanid Jewish Commonwealth whic[...]

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THE_Ave Challemege: Who painted this?


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IS Donald the Mad Hatter?


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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Christian Ridicule

Last Week in In Arizona State Representative Athena Salman gave a beautiful invocation, talking about the grandeur of the universe, the wonder of our existence, the smallness of our planet. A Christian colleague got up on a pint of order and demanded the right to ridicule .  State Rep. John Kavana[...]

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Bill Weld Challenge Don John

Washington (CNN)Former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld said he’s launching a presidential exploratory committee to run in 2020 as a Republican. “I hope to see the Republican Party assume once again the mantle of being the party of Lincoln. It upsets me that our energies as a society are bei[...]

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UW Faculty Panel Declares Administration Made Illegal Changes to the Faculty Code

A jury of faculty hearing my case has now decided that the UW violated the faculty code. A year ago January, I was falsely accused of using words like f—–g n—-r and f-g. An investigation by the UW found no basis for these horrid charges but my Chair used this to do major and likely[...]

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Why Is The UW Attacking Me?

Dear Colleagues, This is an update for UW faculty and others who have been  following my story.  As a bit of background for those who may not know me: I am a tenured professor at the University of Washington and a very successful biologist.  Among other things, five of the UW’s current facu[...]

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When Antisemitism Becomes Racism

An excellent essay on the question of whether Jews are an indigenous people.  GREAT READ![...]

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Proud Boys lawyer gets 3 month suspension for death threat

The Texas Bar Association has suspended Jason Lee Van Dyke, ex-Proud Boys leader, from the practice of law for 3 months for threatening to kill an opposing party in a lawsuit. Van Dyke allegedly has threatened other individuals, was charged with filing a false police report related to burglarizing h[...]

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What Should Zion Do?

   Zion Williamson,a likely NBA superstar, hurt his knee while playing  … for free .. for ohso wealthy private college, Duke.  Now what? The consortium of the NBA and NCAA has a “one and done rule” that says a player needs to start playing while in college.  So, Mr. Williamson ha[...]

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Trump gets the “CORNA”

So one of the Trumpies on my FB page posted this to show how ohso popular Don John is with black folks!  All them brown faces in red hats … EXCEPT!  … a few of these nice folks let out their true feelings with hand gestures.  Ah but.  The truth matters not.  The Trumpies said [&hell[...]

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WW2 “Kissing Sailor” Dies

This photo taken in Times Square on V-J Day is one of the most iconic photos of World War 2. The Life magazine photographer, Alfred Eisenstadt, died in 1995. For many years, the kissing strangers were anonymous, but eventually were identified as Greta Zimmer Friedman, who died in 2016 at age 92, an[...]