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A Tribute to Dr. Steve Schwartz

by Gary Kinslow

I am lucky and proud to count this titan, this uber-renaissance man as a friend. He and Barb had recently moved up from a Tollycraft 34 foot trawler to a 43 foot cockpit motor yacht and they were looking forward to a future of cruising where ever the bow pointed. He prosyletized Tollycraft and delighted in serving as my Tollycraft mentor, tirelessly educating me on the the sturdiness of the boat and the mystique of the brand. And the reverence we should hold for Yanmar diesel engines.

He never ceased his effort to find the right boat for me and a slip near his and Barb’s in the Shilshole Bay Marina where we could be neighbors, debating politics, history and health policy, a favorite topic for us both. Sprawled in deck chairs on our boats’ upper decks, we would rebuild America’s health care system over fine wine and draft beer and something tasty. He would be thrilled to know I’ll soon be a Tolly owner myself, due completely to his power of persuasion. But in the meantime, we would content ourselves with long late night telephone conversations, in which I could grasp the concept of about every third phrase, but armed with the knowledge that an artfully placed grunt of agreement would suffice to keep him rolling until that inevitable moment when I nodded off and the phone clattered to the floor.

Steve and Barb and I could be in a restaurant and this grizzly bear would think nothing of hauling his bulk out of his chair and interjecting himself into the midst of another couple or family at the next table because he found something of interest in them, offering his opinion on the topic of the day, whatever that might have been. Barb would roll her eyes, accustomed to this habit but I would sit there with my head buried in my hands, silently saying, “oh here we go again!” But never did his targets take offense. They were enchanted. He had that way about him.

Truly larger than life, but he could be fragile, and I know he sometimes mused that he didn’t have many real friends. He was so wrong. He was my friend, a real, true friend, gained so recently and cherished so deeply. I will miss making fun of him as a clone of Moses striding down the mountain with a smoldering sapphire tablet cradled in each arm. He is sorely missed and my heart goes out to Barb. I count the times I’ve spent with them both as among the richest in my life. My biggest regret is that my wife never had the opportunity to meet them, because that meeting would have enriched us all.

Steve, you and I should have written that paper we discussed, You persuaded me that I still had one in me and it would be a hoot. But without you, it’s only a wistful dream.

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COVID-19 takes the life of Dr. Steve Schwartz, founder and proprietor of this blog

Professor Stephen M. Schwartz, M.D., Ph.D., the founder and proprietor of The-Ave.US, has passed away from COVID-19. Read local press coverage here and here. Steve joined the University of Washington Medical School’s faculty in 1967 and had taught there since 1974. He was world-famous in the f[...]

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Thom Gunn: Why the Jews?

Thom Gunn .. from Facebook It sure is the 64 dollar question…Excuse me everyone, one of my phantasies is a stud farm mixing Jews and Blacks, each one has in spades what the other lacks in clubs. And both have soul. By any measure, Jews are the brainiacs of the world and Blacks are the [&hellip[...]

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When and Where Did Writing Begin?

11 Ancient African Writing Systems READMORE at the Atlanta Black Star The importance of oral culture and tradition in Africa and the recent dominance of European languages through colonialism, among other factors, has led to the misconception that the languages of Africa either have no written form [...]

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‘True Christians do not mind dying,’ defiant pastor says

A Louisiana preacher cited by police 6 times for ignoring a state ban on large gatherings is shrugging off criticism that he’s endangering his flock. “True Christians do not mind dying,” he said in an interview. He’s called stay-at-home orders “tyranny,” and sends[...]

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An American Hero

“As the coronavirus pandemic intensified, Leilani Jordan insisted on going to her job as a clerk at a Maryland grocery so she could help seniors …. She had challenges … as a worker with cerebral palsy. But as shoppers around the country raided shelves for necessities in early to mi[...]

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Passover: When eating bread on Passover was a holy obligation

Passover in Bergen Belsen 1944 : Prayer for Eating Chametz.   Before eating Chametz say the following with intent & devotion: Our Father in Heaven! It is known to You that we desire to fulfill Your will and observe the Passover holiday by eating Matzah and safeguarding against Chametz. Bu[...]

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With the recent increased minimum Amazon wage to $15/hr, Jeff Bezos only earns 2.33 times as much as an average Amazon employee.

The amount Amazon (AMZN) pays to keep its master is just $81,840  in salary plus $1.6 million in security-related services.  The salary is not much and even the security would not pay for a weekend of golf by Prez Trump!  Not only is $81,840 modest, Amazon says Jeff has never received any stock-b[...]

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British Prime Minister in ICU

Boris Johnson, Britain’s prime minister, was moved to an intensive care unit Monday after his coronavirus symptoms worsened. He was admitted to hospital Sunday evening. At last report (Tuesday), he was awake and alert, and although receiving “standard oxygen treatment” did not have[...]

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THE-Ave Challenge: What race is she?