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Visiting Mars

Posted by Stephen Schwartz on Sunday, January 31, 2016[...]

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Comment by Charlie: I endorse Jesse Wineberry

Why is the election in the 9th Congressional district so important to me that I would sacrifice long term friendships for it? Because its about resources that are desperately needed and who is committed to going and get them for the BLACK community. I am not a retired or current politician who has s[...]

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Chinazor: Where did the meat go?

·  Only in Nigeria can you offer three of these for dinner of 20 guests, and you still get a complaint that they ran out of meat to serve. That is how you spell corruption in Nigeria. Where did the meat go? Who has the meat? Why is the meat missing? What happened to the […][...]

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Hillary and Donald Respond to The Father of an American Muslimn Soldier Killed in Afghanistan

  Trump to Father of Fallen Soldier: ‘I’ve Made a Lot of Sacrifices’ In his first response to a searing charge that he’d “sacrificed nothing” for the U.S., Trump said he’d created “thousands and thousands of jobs.”[...]

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Is Switzerland the Christian Version of Zionism?


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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Khizr Khan responds to Trump

Khizr Khan was checking into a D.C. hotel, preparing for television appearances Sunday morning and still trying to come to grips with the sudden spotlight. “I was in line, and a group of people gathered behind me and one of them said, ‘Sir, can we shake your hand?’” Humayun Khan father, Khiz[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: False Claims on the web that Trump Leaks CLASSIFIED Secrets!

A secret military base is now public. The story on the web is that Trump attended an intelligence briefing Friday afternoon and that within hours he revealed the locations of secret military bases in Saudi Arabia by claiming we should shut the base down because the Saudis are charging us rent . [...]

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Russian Pilot Trumps The Blue Angels