America’s dumbest senator strikes again

Nevada’s economy is hospitality, and in a gambit for that state’s electoral votes, Trump floated the idea of exempting tip income from taxes. Now along comes Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL), who thinks it’s a tax exemption for people who tip, and called the idea “awesome” (read story here).

Tuberville has a rap sheet on this blog. When I first posted about him in December 2020, I described him as a “loose cannon” (read that post here). Then in October 2022, I labeled him the most racist senator, but wasn’t yet sure he’s also the dumbest (read post here).

I reached that conclusion in March 2023, when Tuberville put a hold on military promotions, and said “he’s dumber than a box of rocks” (read post here). Then May 2023, when Tuberville went racist again, I added, “Every time I read another news story about Tuberville, my conviction deepens that he’s the dumbest fencepost in the U.S. Senate” (read post here).

By implication, I think fenceposts are dumber than rocks, and if I think of something dumber than fenceposts, I’ll post it. Meanwhile, stupidity keeps gushing from Tuberville’s mouth, so we probably haven’t heard the last from him. Question: Was he born weak-minded, or did he play football without a helmet?

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