There is so much we do not know about what happened in Buchenwald.  

Unknown Buchenwald guard, beaten and hanged n by the American military photographer Elizabeth Miller.

Unknown Buchenwald concentration camp guard, beaten and hanged by the prisoners upon liberation of camp. The picture was taken by the American military photographer Elizabeth Miller.

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  1. theaveeditor #

    Bill Quick (from FACEBOOK)

    If you had fact-checked this photo, you’d have found that this was a suicide:

    ” Lee Miller wrote; ‘… one SS man had enough of everything and hanged himself sitting down by tying a string to a radiator. He was taken out on a stretcher, stripped and thrown on a heap of bony cadavers where he looked shockingly big, the well fed bastard.’ ”…/H3aeZruc2E-kUaU8nxmR2A.

    My point is that anyone who plans to write a book on historical events should do basic fact-checking before misrepresenting facts.

  2. theaveeditor #

    I would appreciative any facts. I have no idea who Lee Miller is? Have you verified his comment?

    In any case, as you know, the book you have tried to prevent, is not about this man but about my father, a man you have denigrated by claiming he plagiarized his pictures. The book also deals with my family’s fight against antisemitism in Hyde Park, where your wife and I grew up.

    Again your effort to destroy these pictures and denigrate my Mother and Father’s story is horrible blot on their heritage.

  3. theaveeditor #

    Bill Quick

    I am not going to do your research work for you. And your bullshine about ” your effort to destroy these pictures and denigrate my Mother and Father’s story” is a calumny worthy of The Donald.

  4. theaveeditor #

    I did not ask you to do any research? YOU said the post n FACEBOOK was wrong. If so then you should back up your comment.

    As to the pictures, they are now 70 years old. They are very fragile and are decaying. It is now 7 years since I found them and told you and the others about them. Since then you and your colleagues have threatened to let them rot before they can be made public, have illegally secreted them in an unknown place blocking my access to MY PROPERTY as wellas the access of any qualified person despite offers to save them by the US Holocaust museum.

    For your part you have published the claim that my father plagiarized the images.

  5. theaveeditor #

    Bill Quick
    If there had been “offers to save them by the US Holocaust museum”, you never shared those offers with your sibs. You could, of course, forward those offers now (better late than never), but I doubt that such an offer was made.

  6. theaveeditor #


    I not only “shared” Director Cohen’s offer I related this to Hugh and Stephanie and suggsted we all meet in Boston to go over the collection wiht a curator. This was SEVEN years ago now.

    They agreed and, at the request of Hugh and your wife I arranged to meet with a curator chosen by Director Cohen so that Hugh, Steph, and I could go over the pictures with an expert. Although legally, our step mother, Betty, could have sent everything to the USHMM for processing and preservation, we .. Betty’s daughter and I … wanted to be sure your wife and our brother had a chance to see the pictures before they left Boston! After all, WE understood whose property these now were.

    Hugh and Steph, after asking me to set this up. and after the curator set aside dates, refused to come.
    After the contract was signed, your wife, in violation of the contract she signed approached the USHMM pn her own. Hugh, following the contract, also talked with the Director but then claimed that Director Cohen told him to gift the pictures to Brandies. Director Cohen has denied this in writing.

    Is she lying too?

    Then Hugh took the pictures .. 1/3 of which are MY property .. and put them someplace unknown , refused to preserve them or do an inventory, and threatened to destroy them.

  7. theaveeditor #

    Bill Quick

    You make Donald Trump look like an honest man.

  8. theaveeditor #

    Bill Quick

    Since you repeatedly claim that you shared the offer from the USHMM, why not simply forward another copy of that offer to your sibs — they tell me they never saw one.

  9. theaveeditor #

    Why? As far as I know, Judy Cohen would still do this today. Or they can just transfer it all to the NEDCC. Or we can meet in court again.

  10. theaveeditor #

    Bill Quick

    USHMM would still do WHAT?

  11. theaveeditor #

    Stephen Schwartz

    Exactly what we are in court over.

    We want Hugh to transfer the materials to the NEDCC, the USHMM or any other qualified institution. take the materials, process them chemically for preservation, and digitize them.

    This will stop the deterioration and allow an inventory.

    Seems simple.

  12. theaveeditor #

    Bill Quick

    I am totally unaware of such an offer from USHMM. Send it to your sibs if it really exists (and I don’t mean anything from your memory, but an e-mail or Word document that spells it out). I don’t think she ever made such an offer — you can prove me wrong by forwarding it to the sibs.

  13. theaveeditor #


    What good is that going to do? Create more argument in court?

    If they want to do this. they can contact my attorney or use you as an intermediary.

  14. theaveeditor #

    Bill Quick

    Why do I need an attorney? Are you threatening to sue me?

  15. theaveeditor #

    Stephen Schwartz

    What threat? Your wife is already being sued. If she or you is complicit in theft, there may be criminal charges too. That would be up to a prosecutor. You need an attorney to exp0lain such matter not me.

    Leaving that aside, I am not sure what comment you are trying to provoke.

    Why not stop all of this by just getting the things to a proper place for preservation?

  16. theaveeditor #

    Bill Quick
    Whenever you agree to let the executor donate them without your interference.

  17. theaveeditor #

    As you know (or a lawyer will tell you) Hugh and Steph signed a contract. Hugh took a very large payment for his signature, about 100,000.

    That contract makes these things our joint property.

    I recieved payment for lawyer fees getting this done.

    In a breach of contract, I was never asked about Brandeis but went along just to get this done.

    Brandeis sent out its normal document for transfer. Steph and Hugh had that contract rewritten by an attorney, Hugh’s wife.

    I offered to sign that too. Steph anf Hugh refused and he has taken adverse possesion of the property, apparently with the intent to destroy it.

    I am completely in compliance and even the estate attorney has never made any claim that I am not in compliance.

    You, however, are complicit in theft that has made my property unavailable to me and likely destroyed a considerable part of its value.