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THE AVE CHALLENGE: Is this a photograph?

    YES   NO[...]

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Best player since 1998

Tim Duncan is the best player in the NBA since 1998.  Although he is no where near the scoring talent that Kobe is, Duncan is just as dedicated to his craft and more consistent. Tim Duncan’s defensive presence, selflessness, composure, competitiveness, his durability, and his basketball I.Q.[...]

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TPP in a nutshell

The Trans-Pacific Partnership summarized: “One huge flaw is that while classical economics has a fair amount to tell us about the wealth of nations, it doesn’t say much at all about the wealth of the individual people inside the nations. A trade deal that enriches Americans who own lots [...]

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Cops: Freddie Gray killed himself

Baltimore, despite having a black mayor and a black police commissioner, is one of America’s worst-run cities and has one of the country’s most notoriously corrupt and abusive police departments. This week’s Baltimore riots — which pitted rock-throwing kids against riot polic[...]

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AAUP Investigation Condemns Phyllis Wise and UI for Violating Steve Salaita’s Academic Freedom

  In a nutshell, the national AAUP has found that there is no evidence that Phyllis Wise made her decision about Salaita based on any valid concern with his scholarship. What basis could there be other than pressure from advocates for Israel?      This is not new behavior to those of us w[...]

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This is a really cool new gadget, It is a reusable notebook and pen that upload what you write to a phone or tablet and the web![...]

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Isis’s travel agent traced to Seattle Woman

Seattle’s channel 4 reports that a Seattle woman, known as @_UmmWaqqas, seems to have risen to a top position in ISIS’ travel agency.  The ISIS  online “travel guidebook” tells recruits to get in touch with this lady to learn how to get to Turkey and then  cross the border. Cha[...]

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Ann Coulter Engaged to Korean Great Leader

Ann Coulter, the attorney and Fox News commentator, has announced that she is going to marry Kim Jung Un of Korea. The couple met in April at a secret rendezvous arranged by mutual friend Dennis Rodman. The Korean leader has said he expects to apply for US citizenship after the wedding. The wedding [...]

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WASTATE Teachers Threaten to Strike

The continued meme of the teacher’s unions is that teachers are overworked and underpaid.  That claim is likely not true. For one thing, the cries that teachers work hard seem a bit much in society where many others with equal qualifications work more than one job or get along as contract wor[...]

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Goldy’s golden girl has gone from sizzle to fizzle.

My interest in Kshama Sawant has evolved in a series of posts on TA.  At first, I was hopeful, based on my respect for David Goldstein , that this lady was more than a loud mouth  demagogue.  I thought she might be a really good thing … an intellectual, a trained economist, a socialist  u[...]