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U.S. brain drain policy against Cuba

How Immigration Bans Hurt the US WASHINGTON.— An editorial published three years ago in the New Yort Times has a lot to say about  immigration policy.  The article  condemned the brain drain from Cuba stimulated by the United States, and in particular the program that encourages the migration o[...]

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Fashion for Manly Men


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Trump’s trade war may miss China’s plan to own the future

Axios reports that experts fear that President Xi is out thinking Trump.  Xi is building China for the long term.  Trump needs a marquee, high-dollar deal with Beijing to reduce a $375 billion trade imbalance that could leave the US as little more than a third world supplier of raw materials and c[...]

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Mueller bombshell: Trump campaign colluded with Russian spy

“Documents filed by special counsel prosecutors reveal that former Trump deputy campaign chairman Richard Gates was knowingly working with an individual with ties to Russian intelligence during the campaign,” CBS News reported Wednesday. “In a late Tuesday court filing late, the s[...]

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Trump Finds a Shyster: PRAISE JESUS

Andrew Ekonomou  A former prosecutor with a doctorate in medieval history will play a central role on U.S. President Donald Trump’s legal team.  Ekonomou assisted Sekulow in a famous case involving the religious group Jews for Jesus before the Supreme Court in the 1980s.  Ekonomou currently ser[...]

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So, as the ultimate expert on guns … my 3 cents

1. Universal registration including serial numbers. Penalties for illegal possession, including if someone else uses your gun, should be massive.  Penalties for possession of a gun without serial numbers should be huge. 2. Insurance and licensing. Owning a gun should require a license. Possession w[...]

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Trumpland, where people disappear