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June 21st, 2024 - 6:07 pm § in Democrats, Israel/Palestine, Jews, Politics

NY Democrat risks seat by pushing for two-state solution

Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY; photo, left), who represents a district with many Jewish voters, faces a serious primary challenge because of his opposition to Israel’s policies toward the Palestinian people. Bowman, like many American politicians, supports an eventual Palestinian state. But during [...]

June 11th, 2024 - 8:10 pm § in Israel/Palestine

The monster behind Oct. 7 attacks

This is him. His name is Yahya Sinwar, and he’s Hamas leader who precipitated the Gaza war. He’s to blame for the kidnappings, killings, and hostage-takings by Hamas terrorists on October 7, 2023, and the 36,600 Palestinian lives lost to the Israeli military attacks he deliberately provo[...]

May 29th, 2024 - 5:45 am § in Donald Trump, Israel/Palestine, Politics, Republicans

Nikki Haley has no soul

Nikki Haley spent Memorial Day in Israel, writing graffiti on artillery shells, not honoring America’s fallen. She wrote, “Finish them! America ♥ Israel! Always, Nikki Haley.” These shells aren’t destined for Normandy beaches or Iwo Jima pillboxes. In Gaza, Hamas mingles w[...]

May 23rd, 2024 - 10:36 pm § in Humor, Israel/Palestine, Racism

Speaker Mike invites Israeli leader, snubs Kenya leader

House Speaker Mike Johnson will invite Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress even if the Senate doesn’t cooperate (see story here), but refused a similar invite to Kenya president William Ruto — even though he sides with Israel against Hamas (de[...]

May 17th, 2024 - 10:22 pm § in Israel/Palestine, Politics, Republicans

He didn’t say, “I support Hamas,” Republicans did

The GOP’s congressional campaign committee put those words (see them here) in Rep. Pat Ryan’s mouth. Why? Because Ryan (D-NY) voted against a GOP bill attacking Biden’s arms delivery pause, as did nearly all House Democrats. It’s a ludicrous political attack. Ryan supports the U[...]

May 12th, 2024 - 3:06 pm § in Hypocrisy, Israel/Palestine

Thought for the day

Thought for the day: Saying “from river to sea” is declared to be antisemitic and supporting terrorists because it implies Palestinians want all of Palestine, by people who see nothing wrong with Israel taking all of Palestine. Return to The-Ave.US Home Page[...]

May 12th, 2024 - 1:42 am § in Israel/Palestine, Politics, Republicans

GOPer calls Gaza war “Biblical warfare”

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC; photo left, profile here) called the Gaza war “Biblical” and claimed Israel “doesn’t occupy the land, they own it,” The Hill reported on Saturday, May 11, 2024 (read story here). That doesn’t seem to leave a lot of room for Gaza’s appr[...]

May 11th, 2024 - 8:07 pm § in Israel/Palestine, Schools & Colleges

Who should run universities?

“In recent years, universities across the US have come under increasing pressure from conservative politicians and donors criticizing them as liberal bastions of ‘wokeness.’” This is an excerpt from a CNN article on May 11, 2024, about pro-Palestinian campus protests (read it her[...]

May 10th, 2024 - 1:36 am § in Biden, Donald Trump, Israel/Palestine, Politics, Republicans

BiBi vows to fight with “fingernails” if Biden denies him weapons

After Uncle Sam threatened to cut off his prodigal nephew, the Israeli leader vowed, “If we need to, we will fight with our fingernails.” (See story here.) That’s an interesting concept. It might give Palestinians a fighting chance. If he’s going to do that, he should let the[...]

May 9th, 2024 - 6:05 pm § in Israel/Palestine, Schools & Colleges

Do people with strong opinions belong in academia?

Scholarship rests on impartial inquiry. Its credibility derives from neutrality. A scholar should be neither for nor against his subject; his role is to understand and explain it. But faculty are human, and have opinions. So the problem is deciding when their personal feelings and opinions get in th[...]