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Trump would do “nothing” about Russian airstrikes in Syria

“If Vladimir Putin wants to launch airstrikes inside Syria, that’s no problem for Donald Trump, who said Wednesday that he believes Russia’s military moves in Syria are targeting ISIS and that the United States shouldn’t interfere.” — CNN So much for tough-talking[...]

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Ben Carson is no good at history

No one questions Ben Carson’s credentials as a surgeon, but he’s not vying for chief of neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins or some such place. He’s running for president, and in politics, he’s a dilettante. Campaigning in New Hampshire today, he showed how little he knows about hi[...]

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Oh oh .. Did The Boehner FU?

John Boehner is Under Federal Investigation for Campaign Finance Violations The FEC has announced that they are investigating Speaker of the House John Boehner   WWW.POLITICUSUSA.COM[...]

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Innovation ..UW #4 among universities in the world, #1 among US Public Universities

This awesome achievement is one our state should not only cherish but build upon.      Reuters may have offered me a simple way to explain why the UW is so important to our state.   That great news agency has just rated us as #4 in “innovation” amongst all the universities in t[...]

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Update: “Pay to play” cop shooting costs Tulsa sheriff his job

  Stanley Glanz, the Oklahoma sheriff at the center of last spring’s controversial killing of a black man by wealthy insurance executive and part-time cop Robert Bates, 73, said through a lawyer that he will resign after being indicted for misconduct by a grand jury that recommended his r[...]

September 30th, 2015 - 2:48 pm § in Politics, Religion

Kim Davis switches to GOP

I’m not sure why she was a Democrat in the first place. Family tradition? In any case, she’s now a Republican, so the Rowan County Democrats won’t have to scramble to find a primary candidate against her in 2018. The GOP certainly seems like a more appropriate home for an elected [...]

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Delaware cops kill black man in wheelchair

Last week, white cops in Wilmington, Delaware, killed Jerry McDole, 28, a black man who was a wheelchair-bound paraplegic. The police story is that McDole had a handgun, attempted suicide, and wounded himself; and the cops shot him when he refused to drop the handgun, which they say they found next [...]

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John Cleese explains Fox viewers


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Letter to a Former Marine

By Max Udargo, reposted on The Ave from Daily Kos Hello, I briefly visited the “We are the 53%” website, but I first saw your face on a liberal blog.  Your picture is quite popular on liberal blogs.  I think it’s because of the expression on your face.  I don’t know if you meant to look [...]

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Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood, tries Reason Before Republican McCarthyites