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“We did not even say goodbuy!”


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THE Ave Challenge: What is is?

  Scene from Aliens IV Mouth of D. Latum, a human parasite Sucker from mosquito that spreads Zika Deep earth tunneling worm, P. Bertha Leatherback turtle[...]

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Happy Halloween


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Making Women Beautiful


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Should children of illegals born in the U.S. be citizens?

Under current law, they are, based on a Supreme Court interpretation of the 14th Amendment dating back to the 19th century. But some conservatives want to challenge that interpretation. Their argument that the 14th Amendment doesn’t necessarily confer citizenship upon everyone born on U.S. soil ha[...]

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Antisemitism After Pittsburgh

Pence introduced a phony rabbi to pray for the victims of the Pittsburgh massacre. “Rabbi” Loren is no more a Rabbi then I am a member of the British royal family. This is bitter, ugly antisemitism. Here are “Rabbi” Loren’s credentials. Credentials matter a lot in Judai[...]

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Rightwing attempt to smear Mueller collapses

Robert Mueller’s office confirmed Tuesday it has asked the FBI to investigate whether GOP activist and self-styled “lobbyist” Jack Burkman offered to pay a woman to make up false stories about “the special counsel harassing them sexually” to discredit his investigation.[...]

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Mobster Whitey Bulger, 89, died abruptly Tuesday morning just after being moved from a federal prison in Florida to one in West Virginia. In nursing homes, when an elderly resident passes away as a result of being moved from one facility to another, they call it “transfer trauma.” In the[...]

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The measure, called the “Keep Groceries Affordable Act of 2018,”  is being attacked from the left because, shock shock, the sweet beverage industry is spending millions to attack Seattle’s soda tax.  Despite my core dislike of corpulent corporations, I am voting with the companies! The[...]

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How to become a crew member on a super yacht