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May 23rd, 2024 - 10:36 pm § in Humor, Israel/Palestine, Racism

Speaker Mike invites Israeli leader, snubs Kenya leader

House Speaker Mike Johnson will invite Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress even if the Senate doesn’t cooperate (see story here), but refused a similar invite to Kenya president William Ruto — even though he sides with Israel against Hamas (de[...]

May 21st, 2024 - 1:31 pm § in Humor, Misc.

Would you pay $396 for a designer pineapple?

If you’re in the market, order yours here, oops sorry, sold out. The Rubyglow™ designer pineapple grown by Fresh Del Monte, a multinational food corporation, is a real thing. The company grows only a few thousand of them, and they’re supposed to be superior to the pineapples it feeds t[...]

May 18th, 2024 - 4:06 pm § in Humor, Misc.

Does Meghan Markle have big feet?

That question is raised by an article in the U.K.-based gossip mag Daily Mail (here) observing that the actress-turned-princess “often wears clothes that … drag along the floor as she walks.” That’s not surprising, because Markle is possibly the most observed person on the p[...]

May 18th, 2024 - 2:05 pm § in Humor

Why bother to be rich?

Being rich requires special effort, such as having wealthy parents, flipping houses, or winning the lottery. So why bother? Many people think money is about material comforts, but the trappings of wealth are a bother, just ask every super-wealthy person you know. (Do you want to spend your weekends [...]

May 12th, 2024 - 2:00 am § in Humor

What happens to protesting cows

Return to The-Ave.US Home Page[...]

May 8th, 2024 - 5:04 pm § in Humor, Politics, Republicans

Now NOT to win friends and influence people

How to Win Friends and Influence People is the title of a famous and still-popular book (get it here) by the late self-improvement guru Dale Carnegie (profile here). I haven’t read it, but the Amazon blurb says it’s about ways to make people like you, win them over to your way of thinkin[...]

May 6th, 2024 - 11:11 pm § in Donald Trump, Humor, Politics, Republicans

How’s this campaign slogan?

BLOCKHEAD FOR GOVERNOR VICE PRESIDENT Hey that wasn’t my idea. To skip the partisan stuff, I’m gonna pretend I’m a campaign consultant who’ll work for a candidate of any party. (“Gun for hire” doesn’t work well in this context, for reasons you’ll soon [...]

May 2nd, 2024 - 10:01 pm § in Donald Trump, Humor

Is Trump teleporting drugs into people’s bodies?

Ryan Garcia, a professional fighter (bio here), in April 2024 tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs (see story here). Garcia promptly tweeted on Elon Musk’s soapbox, X,  that he was set up. “I’m seen with Trump and now I’m positive for steroids,” Garcia wrote. “[...]

May 2nd, 2024 - 4:57 pm § in Humor, Misc.

Have you seen this alligator?

If you have, his owner wants him back. Wally (photo below) is an emotional support ‘gator who was swiped from his owner by pranksters, dropped off in a backyard, recaptured by a certified trapper, and taken by wildlife agents to a remote swamp (read story here). Wait a minute. An “emotio[...]

June 21st, 2023 - 4:43 pm § in Humor, Law and Courts, Misc.

Bosses are jerks dep’t

Miles Walker owns a car repair shop in Peachtree, Georgia. An employee, Andreas Flaten, quit after an argument. Walker refused to pay Flaten his final wages of $915, so Flaten complained to the U.S. Labor Department, which contacted Walker, who then dumped 91,500 oily pennies in Flaten’s drive[...]