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April 30th, 2023 - 10:28 pm § in Law and Courts, Politics

Should courts go easy on teenage killers?

The gunfire, it seems, never stops. And in many cases, kids are pulling the triggers. In South Carolina, a drive-by shooting at a park wounded 9 young people, ages 16 to 20, in the wee hours of Saturday, April 29, 2023. Police found “dozens of shell casings from several different weapons,̶[...]

April 30th, 2023 - 4:39 pm § in Democrats, Politics, Republicans

Political cartoons

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April 30th, 2023 - 3:14 pm § in Politics, Republicans

Is she America’s worst governor?

Some people would argue that for partisan nastiness, Florida’s Gov. Ron DeSantis is without peer, and that may be so; but Arkansas Gov. Sarah Sanders clearly wants to be in any race to the bottom. Sanders, if you don’t know, is the daughter of former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, a former[...]

April 30th, 2023 - 2:07 am § in Misc.

Pool party (video)

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April 28th, 2023 - 1:58 pm § in Law and Courts

She probably won’t marry this guy

Erick Aguirre (mugshot, right), 29, met his date at a Houston restaurant called Rodeo Goat, which I guess is a Texas thing (see menu and goat pictures here). They arrived in their own cars, and a guy in the parking lot told them he was the parking attendant, and they had to pay $20 to […][...]

April 28th, 2023 - 1:41 pm § in Law and Courts, Racism

Another Mississippi lynching

Before being murdered last fall, Rasheem Carter, 25, went to the police in Taylorsville, Mississippi. He’d told his mother that “three truckloads of white guys [were] trying to kill him,” so she told him to seek police protection. When, in February 2023, his dismembered remains wer[...]

April 28th, 2023 - 1:24 pm § in Politics, Republicans

Montana GOP legislator wants her trans daughter to die

Montana state Rep. Kerri Seekins-Crow (R-Billings; photo below, profile here) sponsored legislation “to ban gender-affirming medical care for transgender minors,” which is a thing with Republicans these days. Asked about her own daughter, Seekins-Crow replied, “One of the big issue[...]

April 28th, 2023 - 12:41 pm § in Politics, Republicans

Montana GOPers struggle with American vocabulary

Republicans usually can handle the meanings one-syllable English words, although spelling can be a challenge (e.g. “too” versus “to”); but asking them to comprehend a 4-syllable word is a bridge too far. For example, insurrection ĭn″sə-rĕk′shən noun The act or an inst[...]

April 28th, 2023 - 12:14 pm § in Misc.

Feels nice to be home

After 233 days at sea, Kirsten Neuschäfer of South Africa crossed the finish line of the 2022 Golden Globe race, becoming the first woman to win “the longest sporting event in the world” (see story here). She handily beat Robin Knox-Johnston’s 312-day time in the original 1968 GG [...]

April 28th, 2023 - 2:21 am § in Politics, Racism, Republicans

Giuliani has a fit of honesty (sic)

Hizzoner admitted using a “dirty trick” to win the 1993 New York mayoralty election by suppressing the Hispanic vote. “So they went through East Harlem, which is all Hispanic, and they gave out little cards, and the card said, ‘If you come to vote, make sure you have your green card [...]