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Guests Arrive for New Year’s Party at Mar A Lago


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Email from Bill Gates

The possibility that Mr. Gates is this shallow is zero. Email from Gates: “What I learned at work this year” By Bill Gates  | December 29, 2018 Every Christmas when I was a kid, my parents would send out a card with an update on what the family was up to. Dad’s law firm is growing, [...]

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Happy New Year Donald, signed by your friend Vladimir

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russian President Vladimir Putin told his U.S. counterpart Donald Trump in a New Year letter on Sunday that Moscow was ready for dialogue on a “wide-ranging agenda”.   Mr. Putin  stressed that the (Russia – United States) relations are the most important factor [...]

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THE-Ave Challenge: Whom does this library honor?

A. Benito Mussolini B. Scrooge McDuck C. The Grinch D. Ramses II E.  Putin[...]

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“I have never made but one prayer to God,” Voltaire wrote, “a very short one: ‘O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous.’ And God granted it.”[...]

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Poll finds 59% want Trump removed or censured

Just under 40% of registered voters now support removing Trump from office, while another 20% think he should be censured, according to a new Harvard poll. Read story here. This implies that about 41% are willing to support Trump through thick and thin, which is consistent with Nate Silver’s a[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Trump to offer statehood to Israel and Taiwan

(TA News, White House, 12-28-18)  In a startling development, TA News has learned that President Donald Trump is considering expanding the number of US states. The idea came from the deal Mr. Trump just negotiated to sell Alaska back to Russia.  When consummated that deal will leave the US with o[...]

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Hotel fires employees who called the cops on black guest for making phone call in lobby

An Oregon hotel has fired two employees who called police on a black guest for making a phone call in the lobby. Jermaine Massey of Kent, Washington, was visiting Portland to attend a rap concert. Upon returning to the hotel after the concert, he made a phone call to his mother from a secluded area [...]