Nikki Haley’s immoral decision

Nikki Haley is releasing her delegates and “urging them to support” Trump, CNN reported on Tuesday, July 9, 2024 (read story here).

This should disqualify her from future consideration for the presidency. Why? I can think of at least four reasons, in addition to those I’ve posted previously.

(1) Supporting Trump is inexcusable. He’s not a normal politician, and is unfit for public office. That needs no explanation.

(2) By supporting him, Haley  shows poor judgment, puts party above country, and switches whatever moral compass she possesses into sleep mode.

(3) It reveals her as naive. I don’t know what she hopes to get from this. Trump demands loyalty and gives none in return. She’s doing this even though he won’t allow her to attend the convention! Who wants a shameless suck up in the White House? (See story here)

(4) Her delegates support her, not Trump, and the voters who elected them in many cases were voting against Trump. Telling her delegates to vote for Trump betrays those voters, is a stab in the back, and shows Haley can’t be trusted.

Haley shouldn’t release her delegates. They should vote for her. This isn’t what’s right for the country, her party, or even herself. She has no moral fiber.

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