Fox is already inciting election violence

Fox’s talking heads are already inciting election violence. They must want another Jan. 6, 2021.

“Twice last week,” MSNBC reported here, Greg Gutfeld (photo, left) told Fox audiences “the public will only believe the 2024 results are legitimate if President Joe Biden loses.”

Also last week, Jesse Watters claimed millions of illegal immigrants will vote in November. Back in January, Laura Ingraham said Democrats “maybe will cheat.”

Gutfeld’s gullible viewers aren’t “the public,” only about 0.5% of it, and whether election results are legitimate doesn’t depend on what they believe. Watters’ claim that illegals vote is a flat-out lie. Ingraham’s speculation about what Democrats might do is empty hot air.

For all their bleating about “election integrity,” Republicans don’t protect 0ur nation’s voting processes. Instead, they engage in voter suppression and election disinformation, and have threatened election workers, tried to shut down vote counting, and of course rioted at the Capitol to overturn the 2020 election. Fox and its hosts have aided, abetted, and excused all of this.

Fox is a cancer in our society whose propaganda incites division, hatred, and violence. The company already has paid a stunning $787.5 million settlement to a voting machine company for lying about it; a multibillion-dollar lawsuit by another voting systems vendor is still pending.

It wouldn’t matter very much if people ignored Gutfeld, Watters, and Ingraham; but their lies influence an audience of millions.

The Murdoch family, who own and run the Fox network, are in it for the money. Lying is highly profitable; that’s why they do it. So are Fox’s on-air hosts, who are paid millions to spew partisan propaganda they know is false.

All of these people are mercenaries, not good-government crusaders. Their victims include the hundreds of ordinary citizens convicted of Jan. 6 crimes. For them, believing Fox’s lies has had real-life consequences.

And they’re still at it, still lying, still inciting their gullible viewers.

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