When the first thing Republicans think of is poop

Don’t say Republicans lack imagination. They have very vivid imaginations. You may want to hold your nose at what they imagine, though.

A Politico fact-check begins, “President Joe Biden commemorated the 80th anniversary of the D-Day invasion in Normandy, France …. Not long after his June 6 speech, social media users circulated edited video clips of Biden, claiming the president sat in an ‘imaginary chair,’ had a bowel movement and left the event prematurely.” (Emphasis added by me.)

Note my emphasis on edited, although cherry-picked is more precise. Propaganda begins with taking a few frames of video out of context, then lying about what they show. That’s what happened here.

None of the three claims are true, Politico says. There was a chair. Biden didn’t have a bowel accident. He didn’t leave early. Read their analysis of the complete video and full context here.

There’s a real story here, though: Who spread the false story. This A-List of Liars includes: The Republican National Committee, the Trump campaign, a Fox News host; conservative influencers David Rubin, Tim Pool, and Charlie Kirk; and legions of social media users.

Don’t these people fact-check anything? Well, no, and that’s the story.

Image below: Fox host Jeanine Pirro took down her “X” post when it turned out to be b.s., but not before somebody captured a screen grab

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