Why Republicans are ignored

There’s nothing new about political potshots.

President Jimmy Carter said, “You’ll be criticized in this job no matter what you do.”

Healthy criticism is legitimate and constructive, and suggests how to do things better. But our political discourse is nothing like that. It degenerated into personal attacks, then sank further into senseless attacks.

President Biden represented the American people at this year’s Normandy D-Day observances. Speaking at Pointe du Hoc (photo below), he mostly praised the battle’s soldiers and veterans, but also decried isolationism, warned of threats to democracy, talked about standing up to tyranny, explained the importance of NATO and alliances, and argued for supporting Ukraine.

Then the poo-flinging began. Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL), whose adoptive father was a paratrooper in the D-Day invasion, called Biden’s speech “political” and “disgusting” (see story here, or watch video here). Well, read Biden’s speech here, and judge for yourself.

This is why many people tune out Republicans now. An old adage goes: “If you have nothing to say, then say nothing.” Nobody wants to listen to a bleating sheep like Rick Scott.

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