Could a princess be president?

This is America, where anything is possible, so I won’t rule it out; I’ll just call it “unlikely.”

Newsweek believes Meghan Markle, a professional celebrity, has political ambitions (see story here).

That’s based on this thin reed: “The couple urged voters to register ahead of the 2020 election and Meghan lobbied senators to make progress with paid paternal leave. This has raised debate over whether President Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, could ever be a reality.” Newsweek’s speculation goes downhill from there, ending with an allusion to a certain Hollywood actor who made the big time.

Markle’s an actor, too, but she’s no Ronald Reagan. True, she’s the brains of the Harry-Meghan partnership, but that’s not saying anything. Most dogs are smarter than he is. Don’t believe me? Look who he married.

I wonder if the Newsweek article is intended to be satire. It seems to assume Americans are dumb. I know what you’re thinking, but it’s one thing to get conned by a grifter, another to fall for an airhead. Yes, I know what you’ll say, but according to pollsters suburban women decide elections these days. And judging from what my wife thinks of her, Markle lacks traction in that demographic.

The whole notion of celebrity presidents is disturbing. That should end with Trump. The White House isn’t an entry-level job; we need seasoned leadership there. Think about it, who do you want making crucial decisions if China shoots down a U.S. reconnaissance plane over the South China Sea, or Putin uses tactical nukes in Ukraine? What does Markle know about governing in a crisis? In England, palace politics ate her alive and she fled to the Colonies in tears.

So what’s a good job for her? Given her acting background, I think she’s qualified for starring in YouTube videos like the one below.

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