Biden crimes vs. Trump crimes

If I tell an FBI agent somebody told me a “source” has audio recordings of Joe Biden taking a $5 million bribe, the agent will write it down on a form called an FD-1023.

Now substitute an unnamed whistleblower who can’t be located for “I” and you’ve got the grand total of the GOP’s evidence that Biden is corrupt. Republicans say they don’t care if the FD-1023 is accurate, and acknowledge the recordings “might not exist.”

Now contrast this with Trump’s two grand jury indictments, based on “mounds of evidence.” At this point, all that stands between him and a prison sentence is the presumption of innocence, a fair trial, and a friendly judge. That’s actually a lot. But Republicans are outraged that a jury of ordinary citizens will get to decide Trump’s guilt or innocence. That reeks of hypocrisy (see story here).

In Republican World, guilt or innocence has nothing to do with it. This is about power. The GOP is an unpopular party, wrong on most issues, and they’re stuck with Trump; so what can they do to win the 2024 election? What they’re doing is smearing Biden, and excusing Trump’s lawbreaking (see, e.g., story here), because they have no other choice.

Well yes, they do. They could become a reputable party that good citizens can feel comfortable voting for. To look like a party capable of governing, they’d have to stop being partisan, all the time, about everything.

They’d also have to stop being liars and hypocrites, respect our laws, and stop attacking prosecutors and courts. Which means they’d have to dump Trump. Right now, that’s still a bridge too far.

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