Still think conservatives believe in “freedom”?

The U.S. Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) is meeting in Hungary,

whose strongman is teaching them how to seize power.

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Conservatives don’t like social change and want to preserve a way of life they’re comfortable with. But they’re a voting minority, and can’t achieve that democratically, so they’re embracing authoritarianism. To achieve their aims, they want to overrule elections, control information by forcing internet companies to publish their propaganda, ban books they don’t like from schools and public libraries, eliminate tenure for “liberal” professors, and prohibit schools from teaching about racism.

They ban journalists from their meetings and rallies. They’re not shy about passing laws against protests, or infringing on other constitutional liberties. They’re willing to resort to violence; they brandish guns and talk about “executing” opponents. They’re openly white supremacist and seem to be angling for an apartheid society.  We all need to recognize this for what it is: A movement to turn America into an unfree fascist state.

One more thing: Issues still matter to people, but every American election is now a referendum on keeping democracy. Until further notice, you can have Republicans or democracy, but not both. If we lose democracy, we won’t have any say on issues. That’s why you can’t vote for Republicans, especially for offices that supervise elections (see example in video below), until this gets straightened out.

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