Talent agency drops Fox host for comnparing Dr. Fauci to infamous Nazi doctor

Fox host (or ex-host, that isn’t clear yet) Lara Logan (bio here) won’t get any more gigs from United Talent Agency (profile here). She’s so nasty and vile, they want nothing to do with her.

She may have lost her Fox Nation gig, too; at the very least, Fox executives have buried her under a rock for the time being.

Back in November, Logan compared Dr. Anthony Fauci to infamous Nazi doctor Josef Mengele, an inhuman monster who conducted medical experiments on Auschwitz prisoners and helped operate the gas chambers there.

This ought to be career-ending. Logan should never be allowed to work in media again.

Both Fauci and Logan are public figures, so he would have to prove “actual malice” in a libel suit, but he should sue her anyway. That should be an easy sell to a jury, as this clearly is hate speech. It also could incite violence against him and his family, and she knows that.

Dr. Fauci is a decent man, a reputable doctor, and an honorable public servant who’s trying to save lives. Logan is an amoral opportunist pandering to a mob for audience share; she libeled him for commercial profit, and that should be actionable. If he doesn’t sue her, it’ll be because he has better things to do.

Related story: In a now-famous televised Senate hearing dustup, Dr. Fauci accused conspiracy-peddler Sen. Rand Paul of “kindling the crazies” who’ve made threats on his life. Read Mother Jones story here.

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  1. Mark Adams #

    I am sure sone other talent agency has said thank you very much.
    Looks like fair criticism to me. Probably looks like fair criticism to many in Poland or Germany or Latvia.
    He will not sue as it opens hi up to discovery. He does sign checks for programs that are for medical experiments. If he signed off on gain of function research then he has outdone Joseph Mengela ten fold.

  2. Roger Rabbit #

    Troll somewhere else from now, because your commenting privileges on this Jewish-owned blog have expired. As a stand-in moderator for Dr. Schwartz, who can’t edit his blog, my conscience won’t allow me to subject its readers to someone who writes such comments. You can still read this blog, but you can no longer comment here.