What a newspaper monopoly looks like

If you live in New Brunswick, Canada, where all of the English-language newspapers are owned by billionaire J. K. Irving, whose family also controls many of the province’s major industries, you didn’t see this cartoon in the local papers.

And the cartoonist who drew it doesn’t work for those papers anymore. You also won’t find any stories critical of Irving’s companies in New Brunswick papers, either. Not ever.

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  1. Mark Adans #

    Why should that cartoon run in any Canadian news paper? The fact is Canada’s immigration policy is consider able less liberal than US policy. The thing running in their papers and probably has cartoons about is the government’s inability to keep Chinese migrants from slipping across the border from the US into Canada. Perhaps a few Chinese immigrants face down in the park is the Canadian preference.

    As it is if only that family had had three million in Canadian and they could have bribed their way in. Or if one of them had had te skills Canada looks for.

    The howls there would be if the US took something from the Mexican governments handbook and started up pamphlets telling migrants how to slip into Canada with signs and how friendly the Canadians are. What a wonderful utopia Canada is and how much they will be able to send back to Mexico every month. Just how many of these alleged humanitarian migrants is Canada willing to accept. First Canada may quickly point out that those seeking humanitarian help are supposed to stop in the first country they come to and for many that is Mexico.

    Just saying from Canadian eyes and politics that cartoon may be right peculiar.

  2. Roger Rabbit #

    If you’re curious, for the same reason Canadians read news about what happens in the U.S.