Is Israel Complicit in an Axis of Evil? 

WasKashoggi’s Murder Kosher? 

Since November of 2016, Netanyahu, Kushner, and Trump have cooked up an evil axis that undermines Israel’s most important defense .. its morality.

Whether Israel did not did not play an active role in the gruesome assassination, the  image here is even worse than the era when Israel cooperated with the Apartheid regime in order to create nuclear weapons.

From what I read it is likely that Kushner provided a list of Saudi opponents to his friend Muhamud ibn Salman, the Crown Prince. As a Zionist the best I can hope for is that Kushner is naive and does not understand that Kashoggi was a long term advocate for Islamic democracy.  Perhaps Kushner is not aware of how hard it has been for those who see the Quran as a route to democracy to fight the strongmen dictators who were propped up on the heritage of colonialism. Now, any Arab fighting to unseat Sisi or Assad, will face the horrid image of Kushner and MBS having a most un kosher, un hallal meal.

Netanyahu’s policy seems to be to depend of the Sauds to undermine Hamas and create a Sunni counterpoint ot Hezbollah.  Maybe Kushner needs to read about the fall of the Shah in Iran.  Is Mr. Kushner aware that the Shah, like the Sauds, was a strong ally of Israel?  How well did that work out?

Here in the US we have the overt antisemitism of BDS.  That crew is easily demonized because it demonizes the moral Jewish core for Israel.  But how will those of us support Israel’s existence as an ally of the bloody handed Saudis.  The one thing I want now is moral outrage by Zionists in opposition to this unholy alliance.


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  1. Mark Adams #

    Of course your basic assumption is that nations are moral. Much of the Torah suggests this was not so in Judah or Israel of old, and even has King David at one moment friends with a group, fighting with them, and later killing them. It is not a rational argument for voting for or against the GOP. Anyone who knows actual US policy knows if the chips are down it’s not known if the US would go to war to keep modern day Israel on the map. (Even the Israelis know this ie agreements with South Africa.) But the US will go to war to protect the Saudi Arabia; well really to protect the oil, and this policy was clarified under President Carter. Democratic and Republican administrations have struggled with this seemingly immoral policy, and Chop Chop square in Riyadh is no secret except to the American press.

  2. theaveeditor #

    No I never said nations are moral. But, Israel’s existance, ti reason for existing, requires that it act morally. If Israel is not moral, why should it even exist?