Author of “The End of History” Says Taliban NOT a Threat

Afghan, Pakistani Taliban are ”non-expansionist bogeymen”, says political scientist

Political scholar Francis Fukuyama wrote the most thoughtful book of the Reagan Era .. “The Enf of Time.”  In this book, Fukayama lauded liberal democracy … capitalism plus republicanism, as the evolutionary end of social evolution.  The book was a great book, his ideas have been central to my own thinking of how systems  other than those growing  out of European history, Islam and Confuscianism esp, can compete in a global society.

Now Dr. Fukyama, a major thinker on the right, has described the Taliban, in Afghanistan or Pakistan, is an “non-expansionist bogeymen…One must understand that the political motives of the Taliban (in Afghanistan) focus on the exit of NATO forces from Pashtun areas. They don”t have a larger agenda and they don’t want to branch out in other parts of the world,”

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