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April 4th, 2020 - 1:09 am § in Misc.

Robert Kennedy Anounces Death of Martin Luther King

Beyoncé Calls For Blacks To Rise Up And Fight The Police  [...]

March 1st, 2019 - 1:27 am § in Environment, Hypocrisy

On Eating Kosher

Do you think harpooning a whale is humane? Kosher slaughter is now illegal in large parts of Europe and all of New Zealand.  I suppose this is good for cows. I am not a cow.  Nor do I eat kosher.  But how is it that ohso liberal folks decicde what I should eat? I resent […][...]

January 18th, 2019 - 1:29 am § in America

Do We Need Vagrancy Laws?

The owner of Ben’s Deli said Paulette Wilkie refused help from people concerned about her.  Wilkie, a homeless woman with a long history of schizophrenia, was found dead from exposure in Morrisville, Pa. Sadly, Wilkie’s death was a joint demo-repub effort. Back in the era of bipartisan col[...]

August 7th, 2016 - 11:15 am § in Misc.

What is a CWL?

CWL is a condescending white liberal.   CWL stands for Condescending  White Liberals .. left wing people who celebrate their morality by telling other of less privilege how to live. Among other marks of the CWL are categorizing others as “white” vs. “of color.”  This imp[...]

July 8th, 2016 - 8:03 am § in Misc.



July 8th, 2016 - 7:30 am § in Misc.

Police: Lone sniper responsible for Dallas carnage

Downtown Dallas became a war zone Thursday night when a sniper shooting from a building opened fire on police working a Black Lives Matter demonstration, killing 5 cops and wounding 7 more. Two civilians were also wounded. Police killed the shooter early Friday morning, after an hours-long standoff,[...]

November 24th, 2015 - 1:16 am § in Misc.

Sawant and Hypocrisy

Sawant: Seattle must stand up to wave of bigotry by Kshama Sawant – at the Seattle Globalist Nov 20, 2015   Seattle City Councilmeber Kshama Sawant. (Photo via City of Seattle.) We have all watched in horror the tragedy that took place in Paris, and our hearts go out to the victims and t[...]