Politicians can’t wish UFOs into existence

“Key members of Congress delivered an astounding rebuke to the Pentagon’s UFO analysis office last week, doubling down on whistleblower allegations of secret U.S government UFO programs,” The Hill reported on Tuesday, June 11, 2024.

“Last July, Air Force veteran and former intelligence official David Grusch testified under oath to the existence of illicit UFO retrieval and reverse engineering programs,” The Hill said (read story here).

Yeah, and Grusch also testified he hasn’t seen any alien spacecraft or bodies, he’s just repeating what other people told him. In law, this is called “hearsay,” and it’s inadmissible in court because it’s too unreliable to base legal decisions on.

Politicians and people like Grusch can believe whatever they like, but aliens either are visiting our planet or they’re not, and what people believe doesn’t determine the reality. Some people insist the Earth is flat, but let them try to sail off its edge.

Sometimes the best answer is, “I don’t know.” That’s the case here. I don’t know whether aliens exist, and neither do you, Mr. Grusch, or Capitol Hill politicians. If our government has an alien corpse in a freezer somewhere, then maybe somebody does know, but if so they’re not talking.

It’s possible our planet hosts the only life in the universe. Mathematically, the odds favor life elsewhere, because there are billions of galaxies, stars, and planets. But even if other technological civilizations have existed, they may have died out millions of years ago, or be too far away to ever contact us.

Here’s something else to consider: Evidence of our existence, in the form of artificial light and radio waves, has traveled only a couple hundred light-years into space. It’s virtually certain there’s no technologically advance life within that range. So if anybody is out there, they don’t know we exist, and have no particular reason to investigate our planet.

What is 100% certain is that you can’t legislate aliens into existence. So they can think, say, and do whatever they like in Congress, but it won’t change a thing.

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