Nikki Haley wants to “save America”

From what? Union wages? Women controlling their own bodies? Queer people?

In a townhall on Sunday, June 4, 2023 (read story here), she wouldn’t get specific about abortion. Women voters are entitled to assume she would sign a nationwide ban, because that’s what Republicans are enacting everywhere they can.

She won’t save America from gun violence. She even opposes “red flag” laws, because “I don’t trust the government to deal with red flag laws. I don’t trust that they won’t take them away from people who rightfully deserve to have them,” Haley said. “Because you’ve got someone else judging whether someone else should have a gun or not.”

Let’s look at this in detail. She’s prioritizing male gun possession over protecting battered women from gun violence. The “someone else” she doesn’t trust to make decisions about who can have guns is our nation’s judges. What she’s saying is she doesn’t trust legal processes, but she trusts anybody and everybody with guns.

Haley not only won’t protect LGBQT kids, she’d crack down on them even harder than DeSantis, and even blames them for teen suicides (read about that here).

Nor is Haley promising to save Social Security and Medicare. She wants to reduce deficits without cutting defense spending or rescinding Trump’s tax cuts for the wealthy, and the only way you can do that is by spending much less on Social Security and Medicare benefits. She calls it “entitlement reform.”

Haley doesn’t endorse Trump’s election conspiracy theories, but believes in making it harder to vote. She said, “There’s nothing worse than when a country and their citizens don’t trust the election system.” Wrong. Preventing citizens from voting is worse. Republicans aren’t entitled to trust our elections on their terms. Believing lies doesn’t give them a right to make voting more difficult.

One more thing about that townhall: Haley spewed a lot of BS; see story here. But more than anything, she doesn’t impress me as a leader who can manage a crisis if China rams a U.S. ship or shoots down an American plane in the Taiwan Strait, and I suspect our next president might have to deal with something like that.

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