Where the PHUK is Iran?

AXIOS reports that a recent survery found that only 23% of Americans know where iran is on a map. 

THE-Ave offers this map to help. We have added a shadow showing the range of the impressive missiles used by Iran in the January 8 strike to retaliated for what Iranians see as the US martyrdom of General Solemeini.

The missiles landed, apparently within 1 meter of their intended targets.  Moreover, they were not loaded with the most destructive warheads Iran could use.

The map shows, however, a far bigger threat.  First, the targets easily available to Iran include the cpaiatl of Saudi Arabia, Riyahd as well as the oil fields of Kuwait, the UAE, Qatar, and the Saudi state.  Of course the straits of Harmuz are an easy target.

Worse, by this time next year, it is likely that Iran will have enough U235 to build its first atomic bomb thanks to the incompetence of Donald Trump.  I am scared. 


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  1. Mark Adams #

    Wonder if the Lions of the South Squadron or the Golden Eagle Squadron will have a say in Iran’s plans.

    The Israeli Air Force declared the F-35 operationally capable on 6 December 2017.[246] According to Kuwaiti newspaper Al Jarida, in July 2018, a test mission of at least three IAF F-35s flew to Iran’s capital Tehran and back from Tel Aviv. While publicly unconfirmed, regional leaders acted on the report; Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei reportedly fired the air force chief and commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps over the mission.[247][248]