Ghostly Yachts in Seattle

GHOSTS in Seattle

Remember the legend of the flying Dutchman?  A ghost ship that sailed the seas under command of no living man.  N

Now Seattle has a modern incorporate version of those dead Hollanders.  ,  Paul Allen. The dearly departed Mr. Allen, now dead for over a year, lives on as a Trust.  The Trust is oh so cool.  Money and property in the Trust may never be taxed and there is not even a need for it to give anything away.  AIN’T IMMORTALITY GREAT!

And, so I am told the dead man now owns a fleet of as many as 14 boats he has collected.  The two most impressive are the Tatoosh and the Octopus.  Of cuorse both are available for charter as long as they never make a taxable proft, the spirtis of the dead can roam the seas for ever!  Oh and he even owns a real Yellow Submarine 


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  1. Mark Adams #

    And the bots have live crews? Available to avuncular pirates of the Salish Sea?

  2. theaveeditor #

    Actually, Dead Paul .. though no loner an incorporate citizen, can still pay taxes. His boats are largely registered to foreign flags.