Birth of the Crablopa —

(TA News, Seattle 1-27-19) The University of Washington announces that Professor Amphitrite Geōrgíou Demetriádou of Bioengineering and Fisheries has developed a Dungeness crab/Maine lobster hybrid.

The new crustacean, said to be delicious and adapted to Northwest waters, is going to be marketed as the Dungeness Crablopazusa.  Dr.  Demetriádou  said,

“I am very proud of the Crablopazusa.  With Maine lobster prices through the roof there is an existential crisis.  We can solve that without harming our environement! My Crablopazusa can be farmed in confined spaces (and will grow as big as an Alaskan King Crab!).  In order to insure they never become a biohazard, the hybrid shellfish will only be able to reproduce in our new commercial laboratory.  I plan to use the profits to farm Chinook Salmon to feed the Orca!”

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  1. Mark Adams #

    The new Jackalopes of the Salish Sea!

  2. theaveeditor #

    Except who wants to eat Jackalopes? Crablopa tastes great and the shells can be boiled to make an ideal base of Northwest Chowda!