The issues with Kavanaugh are not over. 

Without resolution of the issues that were muddied by the fight over the escapades of his youth, Brett Kavanaugh’s decisions on SCOTUS will be tainted for as long as he is on the court

There is enough evidence now that we know (or at least I know) that Brett Kavanaugh was a despicable young man.  As his defenders  say about Dr. Ford, nobody has come up with evidence that “Bart” was not part of a culture of alcoholic tough kids who treated women as meat.  I knew kids like that when I was in school. Some grew up to be decent folks.  Some grew up to be thugs.

Now the issue is not whether young Bart was an a-hole.  The issue is not whether he added whiskey to his beers or whether he was the thug who assaulted Dr. Ford or the freshman Yalie who joined a sex club and exposed his penis at Yale. It is clear now that the adult Bart lied.

Lying about young Boof would not be so bad if it did not raise questions about the adult Kavanaugh.  Bart, Boof or Brett, also covered up his role as a thug, an attorney who worked as a GOP agent in Whitewater, in Gore v Wade, and to defend Dick Chaney against charges of treason and torture.

The connection to the stories about young Boof are made much worse by the GOP effort to deny Congress access to those records. The only way the public can get access to those records is if voters elect a Democratic majority in the House or Senate who then open an investigation and subpoena those records.

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