Buchenwald 92: And fewer and fewer of the survivors will see my Dad’s pictures

It will soon be seven years since I found my Dad’s pictures from Buchenwald.  These pictures, posted on the web by a Jew concerned by the holocaust denialists, illustrates why it is so important to tell my Dad’s story, the story of an American Jew giving medical care to the victims in that camp before there are no survivors to add their comments.


A map of the Nazi occupation of Europe

Jews murdered as a result of the “Final Solution”.

A map explaining which countries collaborated with Hitler.

Unidentified victims of the Shoah. Most Holocaust victims have still not been identified.

More than 1.5 million children were murdered in the Shoah. The future Einsteins of the world
were never given a chance to live their lives. This photo is from Krylow, Poland, 1938.

The 1928 Dutch gymnastics team, which won the Olympic Gold Medal. Five women and one coach were Shoah victims.

Josef Blosche, an S.S. guard, points a machine gun at Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto.

Jewish slave labor at the Belzec Extermination Camp.

Three young Germans publicly humiliate an elderly Jew in the streets of Krzemieniec (Kremenets), Ukraine.

A woman near Belzec, Poland prays as she finds herself surrounded by S.S. men.

Sobibor uprising survivors, who escaped from the death camp and killed 20 Nazi overseers, gathered in Chelm in 1944.

Funeral for the Nazis killed during the Sobibor revolt. Chelm, Oct. 1943.

Henio Zytomirski, a Jewish boy from Lublin murdered at the Majdanek Concentration Camp.

The area of the crematorium in the Majdanek camp. Human remains in front.

Woods near Poniatowa Labor Camp where ~43,000 Jews were killed in the Aktion Erntefest on Nov. 4, 1943.

Deceased victims at the Buchenwald Camp in central Germany. April, 1945.

A Holocaust survivor and her child run up a hill after escaping from a train near Magdeburg and their
liberation by American soldiers from the 743rd Tank Battalion and 30th Infantry Division.
The woman has been identified as Shlima Spitzer from Kenderes, Hungary.

A group of recently liberated Dachau inmates wave to their liberators, grateful for their generosity.

Shoah survivors gather for a wedding. Circa 1947 at a Displaced Persons Camp in Germany.

Jewish National Fund pushkes, which helped establish Israel through charitable contributions.

Agnes Keleti of the Olympic-winning Hungarian gymnastics team, a Holocaust
survivor, can still do a split at age 91. She now resides in Herzliya, Israel.

Dr. Moshe Avital, Holocaust survivor, and Sgt. Barry Lewis, Army veteran, reunite in 2013
after 70 years. Lewis liberated Avital from Buchenwald Concentration Camp.

Descendants of the Bielski brothers, four Jewish partisans from Belarus, gathered in Israel.

Ten of the 13 survivors of the Milejow Labor Camp (all women) gathered in Israel in 1990 for a reunion.
Stutthof Survivor Judy Meisel with students at Penn. State University in 2010.

The Hall of Names at Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, Israel.

The battle for the continuation of the Jewish people is ongoing.


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