THE Ave Challenge: BUCHENWALD 82: Do YOU remember this day?

Photograph of the smashed interior of the Berlin synagogueAs I write this, it is now 78 years since this synagogue was destroyed in an event that literally erased the entire history of Jews in Germany.   The brownshirts who destroyed this shul were all too effective.  That heritage can never be recreated, especially as virtually all the German Jews who survived this cultural  holocaust and the camps, have now died.

All that we have left is memoirs and photographs.

Buchenwald survivors

Survivors of Buchenwald

My own story of fighting to preserve a small part of our American Jewish, Schwartz family heritage, is not too dissimilar.  My brother Hugh and sister Stephanie have given no reason other than hatred for me that they are destroying our father’s heritage from the liberation of Buchenwald.

Hatred above all might be the motto coming from today’s anniversary.

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