Obama Spends A Lot on Today’s Party

$1 million donations wanted for Obama inauguration

AP Photo

WASHINGTON (AP) – Planners of President Barack Obama’s second inauguration are soliciting high-dollar contributions up to $1 million to help pay for the celebration in exchange for special access. The changes are part of a continuing erosion of Obama’s pledge to keep donors and special interests at arm’s length of his presidency. He has abandoned the policy from his first inauguration to accept donations up to only $50,000 from individuals, announcing last month that he would take unlimited contributions from individuals and corporations.

I am bothered by the use of "Palestine" to refer to the land of Israel and Palestine. The term was first used as an official name for a state or province to by the Romans to signify the death of the State of Israel, following the suppression of the Bar Kokhba Revolt. They combined Iudaea Province,Galilee and other surrounding cities such as Ashkelon to form "Syria Palaestina" (Syria Palaestina), The only nation ever to cliam the name Palestine, until today was the crusader nation.

I wish the President had the courage to say no to this sort of excess.

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