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August 16th, 2018 - 9:55 pm § in Donald Trump

What Manafort’s trial is really about

Yes, it’s more than what it seems. On their face, the current criminal proceedings against Paul Manafort, Trump’s erstwhile campaign manager, involve bank fraud, tax evasion, and money laundering. But, like a swimming beach undertow, there’s something deeper and much more sinister [...]

August 16th, 2018 - 6:14 pm § in Donald Trump

Admiral who led Bin Laden raid rebukes Trump

Retired Admiral William McRaven (pictured), who organized and oversaw the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, publicly rebuked President Trump on Thursday and invited him to revoke his security clearance too, so he “can add my name to the list of men and women who have spoken up against your pr[...]

August 16th, 2018 - 1:56 pm § in Donald Trump

Whining Trump cancels military parade after costs explode to $92 million

Trump wants a big military parade on Nov. 10. Gotta keep up with the Putins, you know. But the cost estimate has ballooned from $12 million to $92 million (read story here). Wouldn’t that money be better spent on things our troops need like equipment, spare parts, training ammunition, etc.? Up[...]

August 14th, 2018 - 9:27 pm § in Donald Trump

Sanders sorta retracts a whopper

Earlier today, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders asserted her boss has created more jobs for blacks in 17 months than President Obama did in 8 years. She was specific: “700,000 new jobs for African-Americans, only 195,000” under Obama. “But,” says CNN, “thatR[...]

August 13th, 2018 - 3:38 pm § in Donald Trump

What makes someone an American?

Floyd Gibbons (1887-1939) was a war correspondent for the Chicago Tribune whose reporting turned Belleau Wood into legend. Badly wounded himself in the first days of the battle, he filed his most famous dispatch from a hospital bed. It is a story about immigrants: Most of the U.S. Marines who fought[...]

August 2nd, 2018 - 8:06 pm § in Donald Trump

Sarah Sanders revives urban legend that news media helped bin Laden escape

“One of the worst cases was the reporting on the U.S. ability to listen to Osama bin Laden’s satellite phone in the late ’90s. Because of that reporting, he stopped using that phone and the country lost valuable intelligence.” — White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, remarks [...]

August 1st, 2018 - 7:23 am § in Donald Trump

Trump says photo ID needed to buy groceries

Is he lying, ignorant, or visualizing a frightful future in which only people approved by his government will have access to food, while out-of-favor groups (e.g., Muslims, minorities, gays) will be treated like the Bosnians in this photo? Read story here. Photo: Bosnian genocide, 1992[...]

July 17th, 2018 - 10:01 am § in Donald Trump

NY Daily News has had it with Trump


July 16th, 2018 - 2:48 pm § in Donald Trump

Baby Trump is coming to America!

And clones are also in the works. Read story here.  [...]

July 16th, 2018 - 12:11 pm § in Donald Trump, Foreign Affairs, Politics, Repugnants

Putin admits he wanted Trump to win

Watch the video from NBC News here. Even Republicans are criticizing Trump’s performance in Helsinki; two GOP senators called it “bizarre” and “shameful.” Read this story here and here. Putin’s confession contradicts Trump’s previous assertions that Putin [...]