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Jewish Refugeees Flee to Israel


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BREAKING NEWS: Putin’s War On Turkey Erupts

David Preston I have a friend living in the Crimea, which has been Ground Zero for wars historic and modern. He’s worried, and with good cause. This is not a credible news site (below), but there’s not much on this in the mainstream media yet, and I know something’s happening in th[...]

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FOX viewer reactions to Planned Parenthood rampage (have your barf bag ready)


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Donald Trump is an alien

That’s right, a photographer caught Donald Trump in an unguarded moment and snapped proof that he isn’t human but rather an infiltrator sent to scout the Earth’s defenses and prepare the way for an alien invasion!  [...]

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Class Divide


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Michel Hood: Boarding a plane in steerage

Michael Hood The snarling old man, his stick in hand, was given distance and the highest respect by the masses sweeping towards the flightway; he was dissatisfied.[...]

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Boeing Gets $$ from WAstate

Reuven Carlyle:  For the first time, due to a law I crafted in 2013 in strong partnership with former Sen. Rodney Tom, the state is beginning to release details of tax benefits received for new tax exemptions. Responsibly opening the books of which companies benefit from how much tax value is a vit[...]

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THE Ave Challenge: What is it?

A. Iran’s first nuclear war head B. Tunnel machine in London C. Scene from new Star Trek D. China’s first space station E. Ai Weiwei sculpture being installed in Berlin[...]