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November 5th, 2017 - 12:41 pm § in Donald Trump

Scathing NYT editorial slams Kelly

“It is a sorry development that … a retired four-star Marine general … is choosing to sacrifice his own reputation to abet the president’s race-baiting.” “Mr. Kelly had a reputation as a man of honor. Only in the context of Mr. Trump’s toxic political strategy can o[...]

November 1st, 2017 - 2:03 pm § in Donald Trump

Trump calls U.S. legal system “laughing stock”

Frustrated that the NYC attacker’s constitutional rights* might stand in the way of arbitrary detention at Gitmo or summary execution, President Trump today tweeted the U.S. legal system is a “laughing stock.” (Read story here.) Sounds like he admires the way things were done under[...]

November 1st, 2017 - 12:08 am § in Donald Trump

Is Trump, The Man With Jewish Lawyers, Diss The Jews?

Opinion | Why Does Donald Trump Keep Dissing Jews? The answer is a verdict on his unconventional, ungenerous presidency. NYTIMES.COM|BY FRANK BRUNI[...]

October 30th, 2017 - 6:15 am § in Donald Trump, Politics, Repugnants


Paul Manafort and his longtime business partner, Rick Gates. Trump must be getting nervous.[...]

October 27th, 2017 - 7:48 pm § in Donald Trump, Politics, Repugnants

First Mueller indictments expected

A grand jury has approved the first indictments in Mueller’s Russia investigation. Arrests are expected Monday. Read story at CNN website (here). Photo: Ex-Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort has already been told he’s going down. Who else is in the hot seat? Stay tuned for the crime st[...]

October 27th, 2017 - 6:35 pm § in Donald Trump

Having fun with Photoshop

George Washington, meet Donald Trump …    [...]

October 27th, 2017 - 10:39 am § in Donald Trump, Politics

Who is this man?

Here’s a clue: Donald Trump wasn’t the first billionaire amateur politician to run for president on a wave of popular discontent; he was only the first to win.[...]

October 22nd, 2017 - 8:28 pm § in Donald Trump

Trump’s IQ test

Remember when Trump challenged his secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, to an IQ test? (Personally, I think Tillerson would win.) Well, here’s an IQ challenge for Trump: If he has any brains, he’ll reappoint Janet Yellen. “Keeping Yellen would plainly serve Trump’s political intere[...]