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Happy New Year


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     Lawyer: Doctor, before you performed the autopsy, did you check  for a pulse? Witness: No. Lawyer: Did you check for blood pressure? Witness: No. Lawyer: Did you check for breathing? Witness: No. Lawyer: So, then it is possible that the patient was alive  when you began the       [...]

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Promises for the New Year

Why We Need a Wealth Tax! While getting a tax for the über  wealthy seems like a  romantic notion and while China’s YUTU robot trundles around the moon,  you too can join YUTU at least be getting your self in orbit. None of this requires the old  years of rigorous training, run by NASA a[...]

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Buchenwald 15: As the Soviet army aproaches, Nazis force Auschwitz inmates to march to Buchenwald!

Tomorrow, starts the new year. My guests arrive soon.  Before I enjoy welcoming friends I need to spend a moment thinking about this time of year,  What a horrid time of year this was before my father and others arrived to liberate Buchenwald.  The most notorious of the death marches took place [...]

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Happy New Year! from Israel where the New Year just started


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HAPPY NEW YEAR from Google


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North Korea: Fisheries Are Prospering Under the Great Fear Leader, Young Un

Kim Jong Un Attends Ceremony of Awarding Commendations to Fisheries Kim Jong Un Has Photo Session with Fisheries State Commendations Awarded to Fisheries Kim Jong Un Commends Exemplary Persons in Fisheries[...]

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Happy New Year from Tim Eyman!

NEW YEARS wishes came today by email from Tim Eyman THE Ave shared these greetings with Tim’s thousands of supporters throughout the state (cc’d to all media outlets —  reporters, columnists, editorial writers, and others in newspapers, radio, and  TV — House & Senate m[...]

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Liberals Have Bad Taste Too