DeSantis and Pence vouch for Confederate traitor

Braxton Bragg (photo, left) got a free college education at West Point, at the expense of taxpayers of the United States, then waged war against his benefactors.

Although Bragg committed treason (per Const. Art. III, §3), he arguably deserved a medal for incompetence, thereby contributing to the Confederacy’s defeat (details here).

That’s not why they named a major Army base after him, though. This was done to appease Southern politicians. A number of other military bases also were named after Confederate generals as a sop to the southern electorate (which then excluded blacks).

But enough is enough; and in 2021, Fort Bragg, North Carolina, was renamed Fort Liberty. This should’ve been done long ago; Bragg not only was a Confederate, but also a slaveowner. He wasn’t a good soldier, either; he was despised by the officers and men under him. No one on either side liked him, and the only reason anybody would put his name on an army post is for revenge.

Ron DeSantis and Mike Pence both want to be the commander-in-chief of the U.S. armed forces. Both are incensed that Bragg’s name was removed from the base now known as Fort Liberty, and have vowed to name another North Carolina military installation after this seditious traitor and battlefield bust (see story here), if voters are negligent enough to one of them.

That, of course, is another reason not to elect either of them. We need politicians to exercise good judgment, and this isn’t good judgment. Pandering to modern-day Confederate sympathizers is a higher priority for them than respect for the American soldiers who died in battle against Bragg’s Confederate army. This groveling is what these Republicans will stoop to for votes.

Is that who you want in the White House?

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