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June 17th, 2024 - 9:21 am § in Biden, Donald Trump, News Media, Politics

Is it OK for a non-veteran to wear dogtags?

I’m a veteran, and I don’t wear dogtags (anymore). Fox host Maria Bartiromo isn’t a veteran, and she wears dogtags, to honor the veterans in her family. After thinking about it, I’m OK with it; it’s nice that she pays tribute to her father, who served, and uncle, who wa[...]

June 14th, 2024 - 10:38 pm § in Biden, News Media, Politics

Biden didn’t head-butt the Pope

Under “News of Things That Didn’t Happen Today,” this is a story only because Fox News host Kayleigh McEnany is the story. On June 14, 2024, McEnany enhanced her reputation as an airhead (see my posts here and here) by alleging that President Biden “head-butted” Pope Fr[...]

June 14th, 2024 - 7:47 pm § in Business, Economics, News Media

Ignore CNN’s investing advice, and laugh at Wells Fargo Bank

Why CNN’s investing advice is laughable The headline of a CNN article published (here) on Friday, June 14, 2024, a day when stock indexes sank a little more after sinking for the last month, reads: “Here’s how to invest in stocks when interest rates are higher for longer” “[...]

June 14th, 2024 - 2:06 am § in News Media, Politics

News or propaganda?

It can be hard to tell. The news industry’s traditional business model has collapsed, and newsrooms are going away. Newspapers used to be supported by advertising, local TV news by commercials. But shopping and advertising moved to the internet, greatly reducing financial support for unbiased [...]

June 12th, 2024 - 6:35 pm § in News Media, Republicans

Inflated valor

Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX; bio here) was an Army reservist who served as a civil affairs officer in Afghanistan with the 101st Airborne Division. The Pentagon just revoked his Combat Infantryman Badge (CIB), which he’d been wearing on his civilian suit jacket, because he wasn’t an infantryma[...]

June 11th, 2024 - 5:48 am § in Democrats, Donald Trump, News Media, Politics, Republicans

Heritage chief claims Democrats are illegitimate

The Heritage Foundation used to be a heavyweight conservative think tank. That’s changing. In 2021, Kevin Roberts (photo, left) took it over, and he’s wrecking its reputation as a conservative ideas factory. Roberts, an election denier, views Heritage’s role as “institutional[...]

May 26th, 2024 - 1:05 am § in Biden, Donald Trump, News Media, Politics, Republicans

Biden or Trump, some choice

The 2024 polls show most Americans prefer [x] neither of the above. But presidents don’t need to be popular, and usually aren’t. JFK’s popularity was a big thing in its time because popular presidents are rare. There are three important considerations in choosing a president and po[...]

June 17th, 2023 - 1:23 am § in Donald Trump, News Media, Politics

Three of a kind

Demagogues have more in common with each other than us. America’s Trump, Britain’s Boris Johnson, and Italy’s Berlusconi aren’t carbon copies of each other, but they do bear a strong resemblance. For one thing, they lie a lot; and they’ll subvert the rule of law “[...]

June 16th, 2023 - 7:10 pm § in Hypocrisy, News Media, Republicans

Fox talking head’s stunning flag hypocrisy

This is Pride Week, and the Biden White House is flying a Pride flag. When I read this, I knew Republicans would be triggered. Boy, ever! A Fox banshee shrieked (here), “It is a flagrant violation of U.S. Flag code 7 E, to have the US flag not at a higher point and centered”! Harry […][...]

June 14th, 2023 - 2:12 pm § in News Media

Fox News has a rogue employee

It seems this screenshot was unauthorized. “Fox News on Wednesday acknowledged that an onscreen banner calling President Joe Biden a ‘wannabe dictator’ was inappropriate and said it had taken steps to address the situation internally,” CNN said on June 14, 2023 (read story he[...]