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Sic Transit Gloria


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Charlie James: Kwanza

We had a great Kwanzaa +2 Harvey Johnson added 6 new photos — with Charlie James and Geneiva Arunga at Lem’s Life Enrichment Bookstore. 1ine‬ ‪#‎WorthyMoonMecca‬[...]

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Buchenwald 89, as I turn 74, The next steps are likely to get even more ugly. 

Why, as I approach my 74th birthday, do I fight so hard to get my father’s writings and photography made public? Among other parts of the collection there is an amazing letter my Dad sent about his experiences in the liberation of Buchenwald, a letter to me and to my mother that reflects on m[...]

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Woody Guthrie’s New Year’s Rulins .. December 31 1941

As 1941 drew to a close, Woody Guthrie sat and drew up an illustrated list of 33 resolutions for the following year, 1942. His “New Year’s Rulin’s,” can be enjoyed below.[...]

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Michael Hood: A Lady Faints

Michael Hood at Île-à-Vache. December 24 at 8:59am · Les Cayes, Haiti · The story: At the Monday Mache in Madame Bernard (our local big city) an old woman near me under a thatch market shelter, fell down with a cry. I was on my haunches and being silly with my iphone with a flock […][...]

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My Birthday .. the eve before


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How the Moon will look during 2016


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Roger Rabbit: Is America a police state?

“Legitimacy is what is ultimately at stake here.” Large numbers of Americans already believe the police are not their protectors but a mortal threat to themselves, their families and children, and their neighbors. That’s a big problem, made even worse by the stain of racism. The la[...]

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Jeb Bush’s Lame Campaign


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THE Ave Challenge: Today is the Anniversary of what massacre?