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July 21st, 2019 - 1:53 am § in Misc.

SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Friends with Jesus

1970’s Christian Ska Band Sonseed Sings “Jesus is My Friend” – watch more funny videos[...]

July 20th, 2019 - 12:08 am § in Misc.

Sunday Revelations: The New Testament gives lesson on joining the 1%

Luke 19:23-27 Why didn’t you put my money in the bank? On my return, I could have had the money together with interest.” Then he said to some other servants standing there, “Take the money away from him and give it to the servant who earned ten times as much.” But they said, “Sir, he [&hel[...]

July 16th, 2019 - 12:05 pm § in Misc.

ORIGINS of the NIH: July 16, 1798 US establishes the Public Health Service

Chronology of Events 1700 | 1800 | 1900 | 1910 | 1920 | 1930 | 1940 | 1950 | 1960 | 1970 | 1980 | 1990 | 2000 1700 1798 The Marine Hospital Service was established with the July 16 signing by President John Adams of an act for the relief of sick and disabled […][...]

July 15th, 2019 - 4:16 am § in Misc.

Rembrandt van Rijn’s Birthday: July 15th


July 14th, 2019 - 1:46 am § in Misc.


Of course there can be a God, He is just evil and even crucified his Son to prove that.[...]

July 7th, 2019 - 1:06 am § in Misc.

Sunday Revelations: The Answer

Christian: “OK, but tell me this, Mr. Atheist: Where did we come from? How did all of this get here?” Atheist:  “I answered: ‘Well, I’m not a scientist, but to be honest, that question doesn’t matter all that much to me. I’m not especially interested in how we got here; what concerns [...]

July 3rd, 2019 - 4:27 am § in Misc.

July 4 .. would Jefferson understand?


May 26th, 2019 - 12:26 am § in Misc.

SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Einstein on Prayer … 80 years later

January 19, 1936 My dear Dr. Einstein, We have brought up the question: Do scientists pray? in our Sunday school class. It began by asking whether we could believe in both science and religion. We are writing to scientists and other important men to try and have our own question answered. We will fe[...]

May 1st, 2019 - 1:44 am § in Misc.

SUNDAY REVELATIONS: May Day, Easter and the messiah

Translation: Lenin lived Lenin lives Lenin will live[...]

April 15th, 2019 - 12:45 am § in Misc.

Durante on Taxes