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Supporters tried to bribe lawyer of Roy Moore victim to discredit her

“Days after a woman accused U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore of sexual impropriety, two Moore supporters approached her attorney with an unusual request … to drop the woman as a client and say publicly that he did not believe her” in exchange for $10,000, the Washington Post report[...]

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THE AVE Challenge: Who is it?

A. Putin’s daughter by his mistress B. Sam,  Susan Sarandon’s transgender daughter C. Caroline Kennedy’s daughter, Freida Garry D. Jill Trudeau, wife of Canada’s Prime Minister E. Kate Middleton, future Queen of England[...]

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Where the (low wage) jobs go

Just because you get rid of illegal migrant workers doesn’t mean you get the jobs back. Minimum wages are fair, but may not be efficient Automation  is getting better with time and unskilled labor doesn’t.    Knut Robert Knutsen  FACEBOOK The “no citizen will do the work”[...]

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What White Was


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Austin bomber dead

A bombing spree that killed 2 people and injured several others in Austin, Texas, over the last three weeks apparently ended this morning when a cornered person of interest blew himself up in his own car. Police identified him from store receipts and located him in a motel outside Austin. He attempt[...]

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Funny how this never happens to white people.

Sacramento police shot and killed Stephon Clark, 22, in his own backyard on Sunday while searching for a car prowling suspect. They claimed they thought Clark’s cell phone was a gun. Read story here. Hey cops, can I have your attention for a minute? Let’s review: This is a cellphone. Th[...]

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THE AVE CHALLENGE: Why is Hibbing High School Famous?

Classical example of neo classical architecture School where 2016 Nobel laureate  literature studied Last all boys public high school in the US First US public high school to have a girl on its football team School with most graduates in the NBA[...]