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What is a Trumpie?


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Trump’s amazing confession

“President Donald Trump told the veteran ’60 Minutes’ journalist Lesley Stahl that he bashes the press to ‘demean’ and ‘discredit’ reporters so that the public will not believe ‘negative stories’ about him, Stahl said.” (Read story her[...]

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Summer Soon

Original Cover Painting for Tarzan Comics by Mo Gollub – (Dell, 1955). This is a cover painting of Tarzan facing down a snarling leopard high in the treetops. Oil on artboard, from Jockohomo[...]

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A. Crazy Horse B. Mussolini C. Putin D. Ronald Reagan E. Muhammad ibn Saud[...]

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How to Visit Saudi Arabia

Traveling to Saudi Arabia?  Knowing what you can and cannot bring can save you from severe punishment.  It’s better safe than sorry. Getting these list in mind when packing your luggage or hand-carried items hopefully brings more peace of mind and less of worries an officer at the arrival hall [...]

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100th Anniversary: 19 May 1918


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Woman with slave girl in the mid 19th century, New Orleans. Should the U.S. provide reparations for slavery and Jim Crow? Carlton Mark Waterhouse, Indiana University More than 150 years of scholarship and activism hasn’t brought us any closer to consensus.[...]

May 18th, 2018 - 8:17 am § in Misc.

Republicans sacrifice Dreamers to midterms

Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), the House majority leader, says he won’t support a bipartisan deal on DACA because it could depress Republican turnout in this fall’s midterm elections. Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) wants to pass a “Dreamer” bill before he retires from Congress next Januar[...]

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When The Silent Middle is Told to F— Off

Political Correctness[...]