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THE-Ave Challenge: What is it?

A. Tablets of Jewish Law found in Martian cave. B. Debris from destruction of Seattle Viaduct C. Original foundation of the White House D. Oldest known concrete E. Stones from King David’s palace[...]

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“The backlash will be fierce”

This article is liberal commentary. The Republican argument for replacing Ruth Bader Ginsburg with a Trump appointee — which is fair if he’s reelected, but not otherwise — is that the Constitution allows it. But the fact you can do something doesn’t mean you should do it or t[...]

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World War 2 kills two more

     A Brit and Aussie mapping World War 2 ordnance on Guadalcanal were killed on Sunday, September 20, 2020, CNN reported. Read story here and here.      They were members of a survey team that verifies the locations of unexploded bombs reported by locals and turns that information over to po[...]

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HISTORIC POSTCARDS: January 20, 2024 First Flight of Air Force 1.1 with an Ex President aboard

This historic postcard commemorates three events: 1. The Inauguration of Julian Castro as Americas 46th President and our first Hispanic President 2. The end of the golden era as we now talk about the Great Boom that led to the Second Depression 3. The first official flight of Air Force 1, the offic[...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: God Refuses Help to Noah’s Ark

No Help From Noah: The County That Banked on a Religious Theme Park to Solve Its Money Problems Facing bankruptcy, Grant County, Ky., invested in the park hoping for a new revenue source. But cash has yet to start flooding in. WWW.GOVERNING.COM[...]

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Supreme Court watch begins

Will she get on the court? Amy Coney Barrett, 48, Catholic and pro-life, is the likely pick. Does McConnell have the votes? Read analysis here. Several GOP senators say they oppose a vote before the election. Read story here. But don’t believe their weasel words. He also faces daunting logi[...]

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7 myths about Black Lives Matter people need to stop believing

This article is condensed from Huffington Post. Read the original version here. Below, “Cooper” refers to Richard M. Cooper, a clinical assistant professor at Widener University whose work centers on race and social justice issues. 1. It’s new. The phrase “Black lives matter” wasn[...]

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