The Ave is a venue for open discussion about the UW and other universities.

motto: of campus but off campus

Contributors to the Ave are uncensored.

To become a Contributor, contact one of our editors.  We welcome Contributors from the UW community, citizens and others interested in university education, politicians, students, and anyone committed to rational and open discussion of the many roles universities serve in our society.  All rational points of view, limited only by good taste, are welcome.

The Ave is hosted privately because Washington State law prohibits political discussion using campus facilities.  We hope this means political and other community leaders will feel free to use this forum as a place to speak their minds.

Update: As of March 2020, there is no living editor who can issue access passwords to new contributors. The comment feature is active for recently posted articles, but due to the editor’s death, comments are not read or posted. They go into a moderation queue and then are automatically deleted.