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March 27th, 2020 - 4:16 pm § in Donald Trump, Politics

Amid coronavirus outbreak crisis, Trump orders Pence to ignore governors who don’t worship him

Trump to Pence: “Don’t call the governor of Washington” From CNBC: “President Donald Trump said Friday that he instructed Vice President Mike Pence not to reach out to governors who aren’t ‘appreciative’ of his administration’s efforts to slow the spread of the coronaviru[...]

March 25th, 2020 - 9:14 pm § in Economics, Politics

Senate passes $2 trillion relief bill; House to vote Friday

The Senate passed, 96-0, late Wednesday a $2 trillion bill that provides cash payments to individuals and households, assistance to small businesses, corporate bailouts, enhanced unemployment benefits, money for hospitals, aid to state and local governments, and student provisions. Read the details [...]

March 23rd, 2020 - 7:59 pm § in Politics

Portrait of a Libertarian

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) at work. (Image from The Atlantic; read article here.)[...]

March 20th, 2020 - 1:59 pm § in Donald Trump, Politics

2 GOP senators under fire for dumping stock ahead of crash

At least two Republican U.S. senators are facing media scrutiny and public criticism for having sold millions of dollars of  stock after receiving confidential briefings about the coming coronavirus crisis and before that information became public and the stock market crashed. Sen. Richard Burr (R-[...]

March 17th, 2020 - 5:13 pm § in Politics

It’s spring break!

The beaches in Clearwater, Florida, on March 17, 2020. The GOP governor refused to close them. Enjoy this virtual sun from wherever you’re sheltering in place. But don’t wish you were there. Wish these people weren’t there. (NBC News photo; read story here.)[...]

March 8th, 2020 - 2:47 pm § in Donald Trump, Politics

Cartoon Of The Week


March 4th, 2020 - 5:40 pm § in Politics

How GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz fights coronavirus

After the House approved $8 billion for coronavirus response, he complained about deficit spending. P.S., check out them shoes! By the way, if he was really worried about germs, why wasn’t he wearing plastic gloves? Are all the D.C. stores sold out?  Photo: Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) on the House[...]

March 4th, 2020 - 8:20 am § in Politics


Joe Biden, derisively called “Sleepy Joe” by Trump, and written off as politically dead by pundits just a few days ago, leaped ahead of Bernie Sanders in the Democratic nomination race on Super Tuesday by sweeping the South and winning the home states of two other erstwhile candidates (K[...]

March 1st, 2020 - 3:51 pm § in Politics

Buttigieg, Klobuchar, and Bloomberg drop out, endorse Biden

“Mayor Pete” Buttigieg dropped out of the Democratic nomination race Sunday afternoon, after meeting with former President Jimmy Carter, and Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar quickly followed suit on Monday, a day before her state votes in Super Tuesday primaries. Michael Bloomberg dropped ou[...]