NAACP sues Trump campaign

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The NAACP Legal Defense Fund filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of Black Michigan voters against President Donald Trump and his campaign Friday, accusing both of violating the Voting Rights Act,” Huffington Post reported on Saturday, November 21, 2020. Read story here.

“The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Washington, argued that Trump is pressuring election officials not to certify votes in Michigan based on false allegations of election fraud in an attempt to suppress votes, particularly those of Black voters. … ‘The president’s use of dog whistles to suggest the illegitimacy of votes cast by Black voters in Detroit, Philadelphia, Milwaukee and Atlanta are an appeal to a dangerous and corrosive racialized narrative of voter fraud,'” an NAACP lawyer said. The lawsuit argues Trump and his allies are “seeking to disenfranchise Black voters.”

Trump is trying to block certification of election results in several large cities and get hundreds of thousands of votes thrown out in Detroit, Philadelphia, and Milwaukee. All of those cities have large black populations.

That’s no coincidence. As I previously wrote here, Trump and his supporters don’t believe black people have a right to vote. When they talk about “fraud,” they’re not talking about legal fraud; to them, “fraud” means letting black people vote, and those votes are “fraudulent” because of skin color, not what election laws say. Consistent with this, the GOP’s massive vote suppression efforts primarily target the black vote, so it’s no surprise they object to black votes being counted, and are trying to get them thrown out.

There is, of course, no legal or moral basis for this; it’s racism, pure and simple. Trump is a white supremacist, and while the GOP was a racist party before he came along, he’s turned it into a white supremacist party. Their racist beliefs clash with our election laws; the question isn’t whether fraud occurred — there’s no evidence of any — but whether the rule of law or a racist mob will prevail in the end.

Photo below: See any black faces in this crowd of pro-Trump election protesters? Neither do I. That’s not a coincidence. What these people want is all-white elections.

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