Gun rights don’t exist near a badge

There’s an exception to the Second Amendment: It doesn’t apply in the presence of police.

When the cops come, having a gun gives them a license to kill you, even if you’re 100% innocent. Even in your own home. If a cop sees you have a gun, you not only have no gun rights, you lose your right to live. The cop won’t go to jail, and your survivors can’t sue. That’s the bright red line America’s courts are drawing around the Second Amendment; read story here.

“Police using deadly force against lawfully armed civilians is an inevitable result of having an ‘armed society’ in the United States, said Adam Winkler, a professor at the UCLA School of Law and an expert on gun policy. ‘When you have a right to have arms, you have a right to carry around something other people would see as a threat,’ Winkler said. ‘Generally, we allow police officers to use force when they feel threatened. And merely possessing a gun raises that threat.'”

Photo: The cold dead feet of Andrew Scott, 26, who answered a loud knock on his apartment door at 1:30 a.m., and was shot dead. He had committed no crime, and the cops who killed him didn’t even have the right apartment. 

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