What “fraud” means to a Republican

Trump and Giuliani are meeting with Michigan’s GOP legislative leaders at the White House on Friday, November 20, 2020, and it’s no secret what they will talk about: Blocking certification of that state’s election, which Biden won by more than 148,000 votes, to clear a path for the GOP-controlled legislature to hand that state’s electoral votes to Trump. (Read story here.)

Meanwhile, CNN reports “there are discussions … about inviting Republican state legislators from Pennsylvania to the White House” (read story here), where Biden leads by approximately 80,000 votes; the Trump campaign has sued to block certification of Philadelphia’s votes (read story here); and Republicans are attacking Georgia’s GOP secretary of state for certififying that state’s election (read story here).

(Note: If Michigan’s election board refuses to certify the election, Democratic Gov. Whitmer “could fire the current … board and replace it with one willing to certify Biden’s victory,” and there are additional reasons why the strategy is a longshot unlikely to succeed; read about that here.)

Trump and many other Republicans insist there was “massive voting fraud.” Just yesterday, at a press conference the media called “wild” and “bizarre,” Rudy Giuliani and another Trump lawyer, Sidney Powell, repeated these claims (read story here). And polls show 70% of grassroots Republicans believe Trump lost the election because of “fraud” (read story here).

The media have repeatedly called Trump’s and the GOP’s fraud claims “false” and “baseless,” pointing out they’ve offered no evidence and have been shot down in the courts, yet they continue to assert those claims and the great mass of Republicans believe them. What’s going on?

Are they making this up? No. These people really do sincerely believe “fraud” cost Trump the election. You just have to understand what he, his lawyers, the conservative media, and Republican politicians and supporters mean when they use the word “fraud.”

The mystery is solved when you examine which votes they consider “fraudulent.” In Michigan, they oppose certifying results from Detroit, in Pennsylvania the results from Philadelphia. They’ve also tried to get courts to throw out hundreds of thousands of votes from those two cities. What do those cities have in common? They’re heavily black. So is Atlanta, Georgia, another state they’re targeting.

From this, a clear picture emerges: Black votes are “fraudulent,” and letting black people vote is “fraud.” It’s as simple as the fact that 152 years after passage of the 14th amendment, Republicans still don’t look at black people as human beings with rights.

They fervently believe only white people can vote, and they’re enraged that Biden won those states — and the election — because of votes from Detroit (83% black), Philadelphia (43% black), and Atlanta (51% black) — votes they believe shouldn’t be counted. That is what Republicans mean when they use the word “fraud.” If you still don’t believe this, read this article here.

Photo below: To Republicans, these are “ineligible” voters casting “illegal” votes. Let’s be clear what this is all about: Trump is a white supremacist, the GOP is a racist party, and even with the election over they’re still trying to disenfranchise black voters and throw out black votes.

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