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Mexico Agrees to Build Trump’s Wall


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Chinese Fascism: Beijing Outlaws Election of Dissidents in Hong Kong

(Beijing ) China’s top legislative body , the Standing Committee  of the National People’s Congress, has ruled that Hong Kong people who advocate independence can not hold public office.  This preempts a court battle over whether a pair of pro-independence activists who were elected to the ci[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: FBI drops investigation of Clinton Again

 Mike Pence i isn’t satisfied with the FBI’s conclusion on Hillary Clinton’s handling of national security documentation while serving as secretary of state. Pence told a raucous crowd in Hickory, North Carolina, that “mishandling classified information is a crime.” The Indiana governor[...]

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Is Putin’s Mistress BFF with Ivanka Trump?

After  a lot of stuff from the Donald’s about how well he cold work with the Russian dictator, the Trump campaign has been denying that Vladimir and Donald are buddies. However, the real issue may be the relationship shortly after the GOP convection, Ivanka Trump went on vacation with Putin&#[...]

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Iraq: last town south of Mosul Falls

Iraqi forces retake last town south of Mosul 11-06 15:46 Iraqi security forces advancing northward along the Tigris River towards Mosul on Saturday recaptured the last town south of the city. Iraq launches anti-IS operation in west of Mosul[...]

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Fox Hypocrisy: Here is the game Fox news is playing. ‘Good damage’ because it helps our side.

Zvi Zaks FACEBOOK “The damage is done to Hillary Clinton,” Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway told MSNBC’s Brian Williams on Friday. In a fleeting moment of delusional naïveté, one might have thought that Conway was expressing her dismay at the pernicious effect reckless journalism can[...]

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TRUMP HOME .. Is this the new White House?


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BREAKING NEWS: Trumpies Qvell Over “Assassination Attempt”

‘It wasn’t an assassination attempt’: Jake Tapper can’t help laughing at Conway’s desperate spin[...]

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BREAKING NEWS 2016 Election Tags!


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WASTATE: Trumpism on the Left

The politics of vainglory  is not unique to Trump or the Repugnant Republicans. Trump is the creation of the GOP, but Trumpism is not unique to the right.  Here in the ohso progressive Pacific Northwest two progressives are behaving like Trumpies. In Seattle, Pramila Jayapal is running against Bra[...]