Chinese Fascism: Beijing Outlaws Election of Dissidents in Hong Kong

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(Beijing ) China’s top legislative body , the Standing Committee  of the National People’s Congress, has ruled that Hong Kong people who advocate independence can not hold public office.  This preempts a court battle over whether a pair of pro-independence activists who were elected to the city’s legislature in September could take their seats.  The activist legislators had insuted  China in their oaths of office. The Standing Committee said that the legal interpretation was neefed to block the growing pro-independence activities in Hong Kong. The intervention showed that the Communist Party decided that keeping “separatists” out of government was worth risking further criticism of its stewardship.

The two activists involved in the oaths fight — Sixtus Leung, 30, and Yau Wai-ching, 25 — were elected to the Legislative Council in September. Their oaths eere voided  after they mispronounced the China’s name and unfurled banners proclaiming “Hong Kong IS NOT China.”

The government argues that advocating independence violates the city’s Basic Law, which declares Hong Kong an “inalienable part” of China.

Thousands of protesters gathered Sunday outside Hong Kong’s highest court to protest the move before holding an hours-long standoff with police outside China’s Liaison Office.

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